Yes, SUCCESS makes you greedy. You stop giving fuck about what others say, which is totally fine in this world where most people hate rich while admiring Lamborghini cars & Rolex watches. Double standard dumbfucks!!

True me.. Tap-421..

No I never get bored of people or new people in general. It’s just that “MOST PREFER TO LIVE FOR NOTHING INSTEAD OF CHASING/FIGHTING FOR SOMETHING”.

In my eyes “The actual meaning of LIFE is UPGRADE” & I want upgrade with everything in my life everyday. My desires must be fed regularly to achieve a happy cheerful lively TAP. Each day is a learning, learning something new and different while mastering current skillset. Most people are behind temporary bullshit like easy money, easy relationships & also easy addictions to runaway from reality. All these things turn me off towards interacting with such morons. You are living a life only if you are serving your PURPOSE.

Tap OUT..πŸ‘

True me.. Tap-420..

I can’t agree “He/she who cries for another person is weak”. It’s sign of a pure heart. Keep reminding yourself people and things both are temporary. Yes it hurts when someone you know becomes someone you knew. We humans are habituated to make impulsive decisions damaging our own sanity. At the end I can say, anything you give or lose always comes back around in another form.

Stay strong & keep walking. Life never stops for anybody.

Tap OUT..πŸ€—



True me.. Tap-419..

Be more attentive to the ones who are unhappy with your SUCCESS compared to who clap at your celebrations. The fuck you are living life if you can’t separate those who play dirty with your peace. People with negative mindset will only bring unnecessary drama, stay SILENT to such morons. Recognising fake friends is more important compared to valuing real friends. I am saying so because people who hate your growth are the ones who truly believe “You are better than them”, that’s why they apply petty ways to steal your spotlight. A competitive mindset is necessary to stay ahead.

You will suffer little bit in this journey of life, which will help you learn some important lessons. Those learnings will push you towards some beautiful changes. That’s how you grow stable stronger and successful.

Tap OUT..πŸ’ͺ

True me.. Tap-418..

HATING someone/something drains a lot of energy. If you don’t want it, cut it & just stay away from it. Don’t link that to your EGO or GUILT, I showed you an easy way towards happiness.


Tap OUT..πŸ€—

True me.. Tap-417..

Criticize as much as you can. If you want to hate me, let me grow little big first & let me earn that hate by doing something nasty. I swear I will do bigger better things & some amazing new mistakes/blunders on top. If you can’t be a help, do you & please don’t be a dick. Backbiting is a two way turn off.

My business/work & business practices both are socially morally positive. Yes MORAL first, MONEY next. DESIRES are the driving force, it will always be. Call me self obsessed, I will say I am self-invested. I accept “I can’t be right in everyone’s eyes”. POV of my life is available only for myself. I am trying my best to remain TRUTHFUL & see everyone under light of some positivity. Hope you have a good one.

Tap OUT..😘

True me.. Tap-416..

Agree I always cherish money. My mates know “I get hella excited the day I make couple hundred or even few grands from daytrading”. Yes my happiness mostly revolves around couple of quids which may reflect a huge emotional unavailability inside me.

When some university bitches ask me “You Indian!! Really? You look more Italian than a pasta carbonara”, I still don’t know whether it’s a compliment or a racist remark!! JKπŸ˜‚such little cheekiness is worth a laugh anyday. I would love to mention “Somewhere in my head I am still a brown baddie connected to his roots who is not a fan of these concrete jungles”. Till the time I pump a baby inside my future boo, my emotions & attention will remain attached to my bank account. Hell yes I love babies & puppies because of their innocence and nonsense.

People who don’t know me usually misunderstand my hunger for money as my hunger for success. TRUE THAT, SUCCESS LOVES MONEY & MONEY LOVES SUCCESS. In my eyes SUCCESS means an early retirement where I can dedicate my 24/7 to my people, a big dream to achieve for this single stupid sassy stubborn TAP & it’s a damn fun ride to be honest. Money, business & stock market investments are the game of patient but aware men. Same I can say for compound interest, either you understand it or you are paying it.

Tap OUT..πŸ‘


You can’t change the people around you, but you can choose. Life is meant to be shared with good friends & wild adventures. Have a good one.😘

True me.. Tap-415..

PROBLEMS in life are not a sign to give up, they are guidelines to keep pushing. Bigger problems are bigger opportunities in disguise. It’s the darkest hours we discover our true real strength. Learn to keep your mind busy when you are stressed with some issues. It’s just a matter of time, turning anger & sorrow into some positive energy is the only way out to get rid of past trauma. If you are going through bad times, that’s life.

Life is not about being afraid of the storm, it’s about dancing in rain for a while before it becomes storm & then take care of your health during storm without losing sanity. Every negative event in life brings some positive changes.

Tap OUT..πŸ€—


If you can’t find a way to make money while you are sleeping, you can’t afford to stop worrying about MONEY till you catch your last sleep.

True me.. Tap-414..

Find out that one thing in life you love doing irrespective of time & what people say. If you make money out of it, that’s another bonus. If you can’t monetize it, pat yourself because you are still doing something that you love to do.

In my case; I love staying fit & I have a mad lust towards sneakers, hoodies and watches. I sell whey protein supplements & athleisure clothes because I understand the market of being fit and being on fleek. Now this one is my anger or rant whatever, “Why the fuck there is an Air Jordan 1 low in Nike’s official website?” That’s the only thing which looks uglier than denim on denim. Jordan means high top, they must remain exactly like that till armageddon hits this planet. Open this link to see this ugly piece of shit I am talking about. And yes back to my post, I still love working as a data analytics professional for few big clients from MNCs. It took me a huge chunk of life to earn an engineering bachelor’s degree & buy a master’s business management degree right after that(JK😝), happily milking my skills to yield some nice wonga. I love studies, still pursuing my doctorate. Some day in 2023 or 2024 my only excitement will be “Tap” became “Dr.Tap”.🀣

We all have a dream & we fear to live that. Keep on asking yourself “What makes you feel alive!!”, all answers to your happiness lies there. Being happy or great is nothing but living your purpose & passion.

Tap OUT..πŸ€—


Don’t save after you are done spending, SPEND after you are done saving. Smart people never work for money, they make sure somehow MONEY works for them.

True me.. Tap-413..

When I meet people over business or mostly those who are truly aspirational with life, I fully agree every person is one unrepeatable unique miracle. But when I come across usual people, I see lot more “BLACK MAGIC” compared to miracles. And I can’t explain how boring it is when “BLACK MAGIC” pretends to be a miracle!!

Now ask yourself: “Are you a black magic or miracle?” It’s never too late to come back towards your real self until & unless your real self is dishonest or cheap. Life is a happy thing, don’t make it miserable.

Tap OUT..πŸ–οΈ

True me.. Tap-412..

Being comfortable in your skin is good, being lazy isn’t. Being aware of your desires is good, killing them continuously in the name of compromise isn’t good. Being true to yourself & others is a must no matter you hurt people for that same reason. While understanding all what I mentioned, also remember “Sometimes the comfort of old feelings kill the opportunity of something amazing new, never ever let that happen”.

All I am talking about are feelings, never hold yourself back with unspoken words because they create havoc & heaviness inside making you a bitter person. Life is easy, let it be.

Tap OUT..😚

True me.. Tap-411..

We all have some memories which haunt us worsening the regret. Be patient, I swear you will heal. Patience is not about waiting or whether you are able to wait, it’s about how you behave & react while waiting. Just like seasons change, your heart also goes through rough tough patches. Sometimes there will be winter and there will be spring right after that followed by summer. At the end the only thing that’s constant is “CHANGE”, we resist this change which hardens the healing.

Stop focusing on what you have to give up, start seeing what’s the gain. Change yourself towards being a better you without losing hope. Yesterday always teaches us how to build a better tomorrow.

Tap OUT..πŸ€—

True me.. Tap-410..

Money, properties, business, investments, gold, diamond or jewelleries, yes they all are a part of legacy that you can leave behind for your children & grandchildren. But the best kinda legacy anyone can leave behind are values, respect, character, principles & few strong set of morals.

I remind myself everyday “MORALS FIRST, MONEY NEXT, MORTALS JOIN THE LAST”. Nobody can bend me beyond this line.

Tap OUT..πŸ’ͺ

True me.. Tap-409..

So many of you must be thinking “2020 what a motherfucking menace!!”. For a moment I too thought the same during third week of March. Later I don’t know how/why everything seems so easy & exciting. I have switched my address to 6 cities & 4 different countries in my recent past. Few because of my job, last two for business & studies. This covid-19 lockdown gave me enough time to rejuvenate & realign with myself. The best part is “I got rid or everything & everyone that’s cheap”.

It’s an amazing feeling when you grow strong while growing your business & skills even more stronger. Life is not an option, it’s a choice. Choose to live with your full spirit & joy. I love that love which loves me lovingly for what I am for real. I have said it before & saying it again “FRIENDS ARE MY FESTIVALS”. I am an outrageous extrovert by nature. Socializing with friends & new people are my everyday dinner plans. I am happy to share I never got a house big enough to welcome all my friends, I wish this never changes. I have a big bold beautiful different 3*5=15 minutes long surprise brewing to showcase. Hopefully before next birthday I will have something to talk & reveal.🎡😘

Purpose first people next.
Tap OUT..πŸ€—

True me.. Tap-408..

Each time I see myself in mirror I see a strong yet stubborn stupid Tap & then I make sure I leave this dumbass behind before moving towards tomorrow. I have no issues in accepting I am wrong at million different situations of life. Somehow those bad days helped me come in touch with my flip side. Nothing is wasted. My only pride is “I am true to myself & every single one who came in touch with me”. Yes it took me long to reach this place & I respect myself for this tiny pride/arrogance I got.

I am a thick skinned person & there are reasons behind it. My opinions are raw unfiltered & they will remain the same forever.

Tap OUT..πŸ€—

True me.. Tap-407..

Your income, looks, relationship status or age number aren’t your identity. What defines you is your kindness, generosity, compassion & an empathetic heart. Sometimes we cling too much to the material world that we end up feeling abandoned by our real true self.

Be grateful. Keep your truth, trust, faith & a positive attitude alive within you. Life is simple & easy, let it be.

Tap OUT..πŸ€—


People who pretend to be someone else will never understand “How easily they are wasting being a true self”. It’s a misuse of who you are.

True me.. Tap-406..

I hate it when someone tries to market themself as an “ENTREPRENEUR” & then blame on something/someone else why their product didn’t take off. Entrepreneurs take the blame, they never blame others. This is the point where I get pissed & that’s one more reason I have stopped attending start-up incubation rounds. I never put good money in bad money.

You need strong moral & competitive mindset to do business. Only a true businessman knows “Money grows in mind, not in a bank account. First you must prove you got skills to achieve.”

Tap OUT..πŸ‘

True me.. Tap-405..

I never understand preachers or priests. God didn’t send you to this world for just praying & preaching his name or his messages, no matter his name is Jesus, allah or ram. Your life is precious & your faith is your personal affair. There is a purpose behind it. Find your calling & serve your purpose before your chance to breathe on this planet is over. This is purely my thought. Read the next paragraph why I said what I said.

History says just god’s name or religion didn’t help humanity flourish until people came to realisation about their work, skills, knowledge & capabilities. Every religion’s holy book says “We are children of God & your work is your worship/identity”. Just imagine you gave birth to a baby & now that baby is just chanting/talking about his parent’s life all the time to anyone she/he is passing by. Will that make you happy? Your parents don’t want you to praise them, your God wants the same. Do your job, studies, business or work. If you succeed in that, your parents will feel appreciated genuinely. Your God will feel proud of it as well. A successful child is parent’s pride & happiness both. Every father/mother want their kid to become something big. Yes little empathy & compassion in heart is necessary. If you can feed two slice of bread to a homeless or help them with shelter, that’s how you can grab good karma or let’s say goodwill. If you don’t believe in karma, let’s say your God will reserve a nice queen side bed for your afterlife in heaven when you have good deeds which earned some smile doesn’t matter how many times you took a trip to church/temple/mosque.

Tap OUT..πŸ–οΈ

True me.. Tap-404..

The rule of wealth is to have a 5€ bag & have 5000€ in it, not to have a 500€ bag & have nothing in it. Never go broke trying to look rich. There is nothing called cheap luxury.

The procurement of WEALTH starts from good habits & strong morals.

Tap OUT..πŸ‘

True me.. Tap-403..

I don’t know why this one is removed from YouTube. People must take light hearted comedy like it is. Hope it lightens up your mood in this tough time. There is an entire YouTube playlist of Key & Peele mentioned below. Thanks to comedy central, yes I love this one little more than alternatino. Click here to see the entire playlist of my favourite Key & Peele.

The shortest distance between two people is a smile.

Tap OUT..πŸ˜‚

True me.. Tap-402..

My two rules for money:

1. If you want to have serious money, get serious about your MONEY.

2. If you can’t pay cash, you can’t afford afford it. I don’t believe in loans & credit cards.

Tap OUT..πŸ’ͺ

True me.. Tap-401..

Giving something with a clean heart to those who deserve is the most beautiful thing we can do as a human. I assure no regrets associated to this.

Sometimes success lies in finding satisfaction where you can give little more than you can take. It’s OK to indulge & be selfish, but true happiness is cultivated while giving. Gratitude is a gift by God. Try it, this may help you discover little bit of empathy inside your heart.

Tap OUT..πŸ‘

True me.. Tap-400..

It’s only a friend who knows everything about your life and still loves you. People who become friends for needs instead of investing bit of true self always fail to grab the real deal.

Now let me talk about one of my friends named Demi who also happens to be my best friend since past 569 years. I am equally thankful & pissed to be a part of our amazing equation. Thankful because she is true to me since day-1. Pissed because there are 2 million other flaws exist in this bitch since forever. Before 3 days we had a tiny fight related to “Why I didn’t receive her call before 17 minutes?”. The answer is: I was busy in bathroom shaving body-hair from some specific parts of my body which took little more time than it used to take because of my trimmer’s low battery warning. It took me 2 minutes to type this & it will not take more than those 2 minutes for anyone to read/understand this situation. But my bestie bitch started fighting with me over this the worst possible way with one usual generic line “Rudey, you have stopped responding me like before now a days”. Yep that’s the only person who calls me RUDEY sighting my rude face & anger filled eyes. To resolve it all I blocked her number & received a long email from her with SORRY right after 2 hours. Now that everything is back to normalcy, I have a beautiful gift for this stupid bitch: anyone from CMU, don’t mind sharing this as much as possible in our groups. Everyone thinks I am talking about her melons when I say “Double D Demi”, it’s actually Dumb Demi. I think now my revenge is done done. DEMIπŸ–• I still hate you from the top of my heart and bottom of my ass. And yes you are my REAL DEAL.

Tap OUT..😘


It’s impossible to TRUST someone second time around after they already gave you one reason not to TRUST them. Never trust someone who lies to you. Never lie to someone who trusts you.

True me.. Tap-399..

You are not there because of the situations you came through. You are there & you are YOU, because you took few decisions on how to handle those situations.

Such circumstances are like tests. You are the one who appears that test. It’s your call whether you will fail or excel. At the end, such times reflect how expensive or cheap is your CHARACTER.

Tap OUT..πŸ‘


Modern day dilemma; “People expect to become something while remaining same kinda whatever they used to be”. That’s heck load of fake fuckery sold to self.

True me.. Tap-398..

One question I am asking today; “How much time & energy you have spent today on yourself to build yourself?”

When you work on yourself to make your life better, your day better, your skills better, your friendships better, your relationships better & yes your bank balance gets better, you become a better human being while generating an amazing ripple effect which creates happiness in you and around you. That’s how you vibe life.

Tap OUT..πŸ€—

True me.. Tap-397..

I know few friends who spend their salary/money so far till they almost run out of it. Some others do the same with their TIME. I bet these are losers in every possible way. I would rather suggest: Never spend time or money unplanned to impress people you don’t get along & you don’t like. Paste this in your head “LIFE & MONEY BOTH ARE TOO SHORT TO JUST SPEND”.

The way I see it as “TIME IS MORE VALUABLE COMPARED TO MONEY”. You can make more money at some point down the line to compensate your previous expenses, but you can’t compensate time that’s lost.

Tap OUT..πŸ‘

True me.. Tap-396..

Fetch a DREAM worth more than SLEEP. Live your dreams, so that you don’t need to run away from yourself. Most people are stupid excited to go on a vacation because they are just not happy with their current life. Can’t you create a life you don’t need vacation from!! Learn to prioritise happiness & money equally in your journey of life. You know what past teaches us about kings, emperors & also about modern day gentlemen; “Everyone of these 3 is rich”.

Create a life for yourself which fulfills you & keeps you excited to live, not to exist. Success loves money & Money loves success. Figure out your entry point. No matter you are running behind SUCCESS or MONEY, you are in the same direction. Actually you are in right direction.

Tap OUT..πŸ’ͺ

True me.. Tap-395..

Sometimes it’s situations & sometimes it’s people, few will not stand up to their PURPOSE. Never ever go numb or sad in such time. It’s all working towards removing all clutters from life to bring your best. Treat yourself as the most expensive thing you know, nobody must afford you easy. My way to stay positive/productive & remove all unworthy things/people from life is just a simple thought: “The only quality of CHEAP is; it always drifts towards it’s CHEAP counterpart”.

Get rid of CHEAP things/people from life without looking back. Let all negativity suck their negative nonsense. And you figure out ways to grow big & serve your purpose. A meaningful living is what we should aspire for optimum happiness.

Tap OUT..πŸ€—

True me.. Tap-394..

I am not made for a vanilla life. That’s the only reason I get bored with people who are ok to be “OK”. You must be competitive & passionate towards something to fulfill your worth. You have only one chance/opportunity to live with the identity you got. Figure out, fetch & serve your purpose. That’s how you can milk maximum amount of happiness out of your life.

Tap OUT..πŸ’ͺ

True me.. Tap-393..

I still dance to some Usher & Linkin park songs wearing a boxer shorts while making breakfast pancakes. Current playlist keeps changing though. The reason is they sooth my nerves before starting a day & that heals the pain in my muscles which came from morning workout. I am that person who can’t just sit down & enjoy a song. My songs either make me do workout or dance. No matter how good or bad my days are, workout & dance both are included in my day-to-day schedule. That’s where my happiness lies (Yep forgot to mention MONEY, that’s my religion). Life becomes easy with few favourite tracks in playlist.

People are OK to kill happiness easily, but take long long time to kill sadness. Being creative with anything takes lot of joy & love. You have to be in LOVE with life to create a better tomorrow for yourself. You enhance it with little bit music, dance, adventures, skills, knowledge & some amazing stories you live. Sometimes words fail to bring emotions to it’s place, but music does that easily. Words feed mind where MUSIC feeds soul helping you move towards your purpose.

Tap OUT..😘

Have a look, you might like few coz they are quite good or you are totally allowed to judge my taste in music. I take negative inputs as seriously as my dog used to take my command of “No pee in parks” till he was potty trained.

This screenshot of my current playlist has nothing to do with the post above. And yeah I have a huge respect in my ass for slow romantic songs, in my eyes they manipulate human mindset & that’s why there is a huge market of HEARTBREAK related bullshit. I listen songs to celebrate, they have to be loud & they must pack a happening hook to it. No songs remind me of nobody. I don’t have any such special person or part of life baked into a song. But I remember scoring few adoranal during spring break holidays, some Florida songs were blasting.πŸ‘

True me.. Tap-392..

If we seek happiness outside ourselves, we can’t have happiness in our heart. First discover happiness inside you. Discover why you are important, then refuse to settle for anyone who doesn’t completely align & agree. Being single is way better than being with the wrong person. Being single doesn’t mean being alone. That means your life is yours, you have nothing to prove to nobody.

Loving yourself for being a true you is a lifelong romance.

Tap OUT..πŸ’ͺ

I must share this action music black eyes peas video I saw today, Deep fake used at it’s best. This video has nothing to do with my post above.


A relationship without TRUST is like a car without gas. You can sit in it as long as you want, it’s not going anywhere.

(Someone said this amazing thing during a college fest. Not my words)

True me.. Tap-391..

Fall in LOVE or HATE. Get INSPIRED or DEPRESSED. Ace a TEST or flunk a CLASS. Speak TRUTH or LIE & CHEAT. DANCE on tables or sit in a corner. Be brave to fetch your DREAMS or experience NIGHTMARES. Work to be RICH or work for a RICH. Level up your skills in free time or degrade yourself with toxicity. All are simple easy CHOICES in life. Right ones help us live a life like a dream. Wrong one are reserved for a nightmare.

All you can do is “MAKE A CHOICE”.

Tap OUT..πŸ‘

True me.. Tap-390..

We all learn from mistakes. It’s better to learn from someone else’s mistakes instead of committing same mistakes. Own mistakes break us badly and that lesson becomes hard. Things that hurt teach us major lessons.

There is a saying “ONE MAN’S FAULT IS OTHER MAN’S LESSON”. If you have the luxury, never ever put other people down.

Tap OUT..πŸ‘

BESTIE BITCH: One & only pain in my ass!!πŸ€ͺ

We are the worst duo ever. When I want to surf, she wants to shop. When I want to eat, she wants to empty the entire bottle of booze. When I want to workout, she wants to go stargazing. When I want to watch Tom & Jerry, this bitch literally wants to know everything about Marvel cinematic universe that too from my mouth & suddenly starts fighting with me over which pizza tastes the best or why black pudding is the shittiest thing in a full monty breakfast. The summary of this entire post is; I got a real good bimbo as my bestfriend since forever, let’s say since past 530 years.

Can’t finish this post without thanking DEMI for being there to handle this 76 kilo huge baby monster named TAP. Congratulations for your master’s degree, I wasn’t expecting you can clear backlogs this year as well fr. But 2020 is a surprising menace, so is your interest in studies. I am happy they cancelled university ball, I hated those dance rehearsals over facetime. Keep slaying and I hate it when you use my apartment like your dad’s credit card. Btw you must consider returning your dad’s credit card back to him. Swear i will not be single for long, so please get a guy for yourself. Here’s my sweet slap to your all 4 cheeks. Congrats again. You are adored, always. I have taken a long time to figure out “I wanna wow/woo someone”, FYI my future boo will totally hate our equation. Have a good one. Muuaaahhh..πŸ˜™

Tap OUT..πŸ€—πŸ˜˜

True me.. Tap-387..

It took me a while to figure out my purpose. Now when I think of life, my today is as amazing as the word “AMAZING”. I am too much busy with my work at morning, then comes little workout/swimming or shopping at evening & I am hella sleepy at night. I don’t know how people get time to plan or entertain bullshit. In my part, I don’t even have time left to get WORRIED for my own mess. THE REASON WHY I LOVE BUSY DAYS & BUSY ME.

Tap OUT..πŸ€ͺ

True me.. Tap-386..

When light goes out, you understand value of LIGHT. Exactly when you are going through a painful phase in life, you must understand the importance of LIGHT & DARKNESS both. Pain will be there, you have to burn it as fuel to move ahead in your journey. But first decide whether you are moving through darkness or darkness is moving through you.

Acknowledge that “Nothing happens to you, it’s actually happening for you”. Some dark phases in life push us towards seeing our bright side.

Tap OUT..πŸ’ͺ

True me.. Tap-385..

Few waste their LIFE on unnecessary things/people & few experience it like a PRIVILEGE. No matter how you treat it, LIFE IS A GIFT. There must be an urge & excitement inside to become more, that gives us an opportunity to give back. Even if you don’t speak about your flaws or wrongdoings, it will reflect in your personality. Three things are constant with life; “CHARACTER, CHOICE, CHANGE”. Disconnect yourself from those who don’t understand these three, they never valued themselves & their own TIME.

PRIORITISE THE VALUE OF TIME. Seize, snatch & celebrate every moment of it to experience LIFE fully.

Tap OUT..πŸ€—

Stolen from my Instagram stories!!πŸ˜‹

Inactive in my instagram since 3 years almost, after this pandemic situation calms down little bit I wanna travel to some icy cold parts of this world, jump naked into the snow & vlog once again. Shared some 2-3 year old instagram stories, hope to earn a smile in exchange.

Tap OUT..πŸ˜œπŸ€—

True me.. Tap-371..

Just a DREAM means nothing. Set a deadline & work towards it, convert it into a GOAL. This journey will be tough and people will laugh if you are behind something big. Losing hope or patience will make things even harder. Everything will seem worthy the day your dream yields some good MONEY, that’s the way you smash naysayers.

Sometimes it’s MONEY which helps you heal past wounds, learn to value the process of making it.

Tap OUT..πŸ’ͺ

True me.. Tap-370..

When I talk about CLASS, I mean an aura of confidence, decisiveness & positivity. It’s not about money, it’s about self-discipline & knowledge which never gets scared to meet life truthfully. This is a world where people are so common & curious to appreciate physical courage rather than moral courage. People are OK to accept they are dumb and lazy instead of being eager to learn more and being proactive towards desires/goals. Nobody shows willingness to accept own responsibilities & actions, this is the reason behind lack of self-respect. Every single negativity of this world is born from a WEAKNESS.

Everyone is busy chasing a PERSONALITY where CHARACTER is missing. Your opinions reflect your CHARACTER & choices determine CHARACTER. TODAY’S THIS POST IS ABOUT “CHARACTER”.

Tap OUT..πŸ€—


No one gives a fuck what you could have done.

Understand the power of what you do in PRESENT, someday this will become your suspicious or succesful PAST impacting your FUTURE.

True me.. Tap-369..

Ask yourself what makes you wake up next day and what did you achieve before hitting bed at night! A man must be driven by a PURPOSE. Never finish a day with an unfinished business. Backlog of work or emotions, both are unhealthy for a happy tomorrow. What consumes your mind controls your LIFE as well.

Tap OUT..πŸ’ͺ


Doesn’t matter how many times you failed, there is always hope for a victory. But once you failed in your own eyes, you can never WIN. Learn to LOVE yourself first.

True me.. Tap-368..

First find your soul’s purpose if you are looking for a soulmate. Coz you never find a soulmate, you appreciate & recognise one as your ONE. A relationship is not about dates, kissing, gifts or the social media showing off. It’s about being happy with someone in a way that can’t be described in words. In a relationship both are PROVIDERS & there is no space for discounts. PRIORITISE, FIGURE OUT, FETCH AND FOLLOW YOUR PURPOSE, Your personal growth is the real key.

Tap OUT..✌️

Entrepreneur!! Not me..😜

Whenever I am invited to business/investment summits or conferences/seminars, one question I am always asked in common “Any advice to budding entrepreneurs?”

The funniest part is, I myself don’t like to be termed as an ENTREPRENEUR. The day I entered health supplement business, I promised myself to give some respect to this word ENTREPRENEUR & stop using it beside my name till I make a million quid out of my business. It will take little time and I am in no rush. This is the reason behind why I always mention “Tiny/small health supplement business”. Tap here to read more.

Now back to the question & what I always answer; There are many so called entrepreneur brains who get influenced by wrong people outside the square. And unfortunately when you are new to business, you are unsure about what advice you should be taking! This way “ADVICE” becomes a big part of the problem. My way to deal with it is; “Don’t try to sell something that you aren’t willing to buy”. This bold italic line actually means; “Don’t try to serve something that you can’t accept. It can be cheat, betrayal, a bad business deal, a product you aren’t confident or a bad soup/pizza/salad/cheesecake/crumpets/macaroni in your new restaurant”. Consumer’s demand is the driver of any business & our duty is limited to supply. Materials teach us a lot about life. In my business, I sell some whey protein powders & other few sports enhancement supplements. Even before I entered this business, I am a consumer to everything that I sell since ages. I happily consume them, that’s why I am confident to sell it. If consumer is KING, then PRODUCT is the KINGDOM. You know one stupid yet important line few grandpa generation stock market investors usually say “STICK TO BASICS & PRIORITISE PRIORITIES IN RIGHT TIME FOR A JOYFUL OUTCOME”.

Suppose you are someone who has nothing to do with business or entrepreneurship. Did you get any benefit out of spending your 3 minutes reading this? Answer: DEFINITELY YES. Never ever try to lie, discourage, manipulative, gossip behind someone, seize somebody else’s happiness/limelight or don’t even try to cheat on your partner maybe (in case you have one), all because you are not ready to accept these things happily. If you can’t take it, don’t even dare to throw it at someone. Life is fun, simple & happening. We must respect & be truthful to everyone like we do with ourself.

(Fuck I am missing some Warburton crumpets right now just because I typed about selling crumpets in restaurants. Please don’t. This paragraph is completely out of context. I am an avid hater of sugar, but the only time I can allow myself to apply some honey butter on something is when I have crumpets with my morning coffee.)

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True me.. Tap-367..

Sometimes people & situations will not stand up to their respective purpose. Don’t go upset during such moments, It will boil down to how you react & respond.

I failed as a son to my parents & I never get peace within myself whenever this thought jumps in my head. I am still learning how to be a part of family. I have done enough mistakes and I swear i will do some new better ones in coming days. Don’t know how to be sad for a longer period of time, I just retreat with a big silence in my core when I am hurt. Some will say I am rude to discard people from my life without prior notice. Not making it some emotional melodrama. In my eyes “Once money takes over equations, it’s just a financial transaction to entertain”. Being a self-invested person I am always upfront to the face, exploring emotions is not my best suit.

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When you become responsible for all your thoughts & actions, you achieve a sense of control which is necessary to push yourself forward. BE YOU.

True me.. Tap-366..

I always meet new people over business or data analytics related work. Somehow both of my major work interests have something to do with MONEY. There is a reason behind “WHY I LOVE HUMBLE PEOPLE!!”. Humble people willingly listen to someone else’s opinion and then figure out how they can apply it to their work.

There is no place for ARROGANCE in business.

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True me.. Tap-365..

I don’t have a mentor in my work/business, never believed in one. It’s a tough task for me to trust people. With the tiny bit of knowledge achieved from education & skills, I am building a stronger stable sober successful sassy TAP. The life I live right now, my bedroom is my workplace & my living room couch is my research studies arena (Thanks to corona virus). Goal is to be a better human over time while managing business & studies both. Loving-Living-Learning more about my passion. Appreciated.

Nobody/nothing is too big to fail. Losers choose excuses. Men make money.

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True me.. Tap-364..

Hiding your tears will not make you strong, nor wiping it. Expression of anger, fear, agony, hate, misbehavior or even lie must be instantaneous, or else it may build a bitter personality trait inside you till you burst those wrongdoings happened with you or by you. You nurture good things within you, not bullshit. Learn to express it when something is not suiting your taste.

Real people never hide emotions, no matter those emotions are good or bad.

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True me.. Tap-363..

Everything in this world has something to do with MONEY or LOVE. Real MEN first choose MONEY over LOVE shamelessly and make it roar. Reality of this world is; there is a “PRICE TAG” everywhere. If you want to provide a better life to yourself & to the ones you LOVE, chase your stability first.

Money is not good or evil. It actually depends on whether you are greedy or loving as a person, MONEY JUST ENHANCES THE WAY YOU ARE.

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True me.. Tap-361..

There is a law of Karma, “You attract what you are, not what you want”.

If you want bigger better things/people in life, first work on yourself to become a bigger better you. Only you are responsible for what happens with you.

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All of the biggest technological inventions created by men – the airplane, the automobile, the computer – says little about his intelligence, but speaks volumes about laziness.

– Mark Kennedy.

True me.. Tap-360..

Your abilities are unlimited till the time you keep on mastering your SKILLS. And SUCCESS is nothing but the maximum utilisation of SKILLS you got. Abilities & desires must become the driving force towards accomplishments. It’s only you who can count own capabilities, others will judge you by what you have already achieved or already failed with. Understand your skills & abilities, differenciate the ways how to use them.

The point of typing this previous paragraph today is to remind myself “I do what I love to do”. In this space; I know little bit about blogging, coding, seo, wordpress & machine learning. I wanna use some of my skills to do something different than my comfort zone. It’s a news website with help of wordpress, some plugins, google cloud, few AI algorithms & automation. Let’s set a target to make 200 dollars adsense revenue & some more quids from affiliate links every single day, hope to achieve it all before 2020 is over. Organic traffic takes time & I am in no rush. See you on 30-July-2020. Click here

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