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I never understand preachers or priests. God didn’t send you to this world for just praying & preaching his name or his messages, no matter his name is Jesus, allah or ram. Your life is precious & your faith is your personal affair. There is a purpose behind it. Find your calling & serve your purpose before your chance to breathe on this planet is over. This is purely my thought. Read the next paragraph why I said what I said.

History says just god’s name or religion didn’t help humanity flourish until people came to realisation about their work, skills, knowledge & capabilities. Every religion’s holy book says “We are children of God & your work is your worship/identity”. Just imagine you gave birth to a baby & now that baby is just chanting/talking about his parent’s life all the time to anyone she/he is passing by. Will that make you happy? Your parents don’t want you to praise them, your God wants the same. Do your job, studies, business or work. If you succeed in that, your parents will feel appreciated genuinely. Your God will feel proud of it as well. A successful child is parent’s pride & happiness both. Every father/mother want their kid to become something big. Yes little empathy & compassion in heart is necessary. If you can feed two slice of bread to a homeless or help them with shelter, that’s how you can grab good karma or let’s say goodwill. If you don’t believe in karma, let’s say your God will reserve a nice queen side bed for your afterlife in heaven when you have good deeds which earned some smile doesn’t matter how many times you took a trip to church/temple/mosque.

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  1. I appreciate your viewpoints. I agree and mostly disagree with you. As we go about with our daily lives, that constant awareness of God in what you do is what matters- as the Bible says, ‘Whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God’. Case in point- David was a King but yet he says, ‘I have set the Lord always before me. He is at my right hand, therefore I shall not be moved’. As a Christian, God is not a separate entity, He is within and around us. He is not ‘that big guy up there’ with a cookie jar to reward us on ‘good deeds’ because He requires our faith first. While not all are called to full-time ministry, we are all letters from God to be read wherever we go.

    1. I don’t know how you read my post, but I totally agree with you. I replied the same to someone else in my comment section this same thing I am typing right now. I am not against God, I am against his PR-MANAGERS. Jesus himself used to tell people to focus on your work instead of following prophet/preachers, there are 104 such sightings in Bible (if you are reading bible). One more thing, marketing someone as a God or an powerful idol & fooling people wasn’t new when he declared himself as “Son of God as we all are”. But people did the same thing he hated right after he left his human body. Now God is a big market with every religion. And I feel spreading “Good deeds” with little empathy & harnessing your skills should be everyone’s priority to be a better human. We all have the knowledge about right & wrong, bible or any other holy book from any other religion teach us the same.

      1. Oh I see . . . I took it to mean that we shouldn’t focus on serving God, just work and good deeds. Thanks for the clarification, and I agree. Sorry for the incovenience in typing. I enjoy reading your blog btw 🙂 Have a blessed remainder of the week 🙂

  2. First of all the tenets of the Christian faith – jesus was not only a preacher he was a carpenter (he had a skill and a job which he used when required), the disciples had various disciplines – fishermen and so on. Paul built tents throughout the bible we are told to work, so to this extent I agree with you. The bible says He who does not feed his family is worse than an infidel. Christianity advocates two commandments, first love God and secondly love your neighbors. We are told in the book of James – faith without works is dead. We are to not only preach the gospel but we are to care and feed those around us. However, some people are called into full time ministry, others are called into part time ministry but basically all christians are to evangelize wherever we find ourselves. So i think you assertion is to sweeping, at air and at large – generalizing that preachers sit all day and just preach while doing nothing. Thats not totally true

    1. I agree to all what you said. I am not against God. I am against those so called PR-managers of God. Sadly every religion is polluted with this problem now a days. If you are an avid follower of bible, there are 104 such sightings in it where Jesus wanted people to be truthful & decisive instead of following preachers/prophets. Religions weren’t created by God. It was created by humans to bring humans together to understand “Humanity”, sadly that’s not working. Teachings of every religion is almost the same. No matter you are reading bible, quran, gita, gurbani, you will read the same kinda messages in it. Please follow that, It only teaches you to be a better human. I believe your beliefs.👍🤗