True me.. Tap-417..

Criticize as much as you can. If you want to hate me, let me grow little big first & let me earn that hate by doing something nasty. I swear I will do bigger better things & some amazing new mistakes/blunders on top. If you can’t be a help, do you & please don’t be a dick. Backbiting is a two way turn off.

My business/work & business practices both are socially morally positive. Yes MORAL first, MONEY next. DESIRES are the driving force, it will always be. Call me self obsessed, I will say I am self-invested. I accept “I can’t be right in everyone’s eyes”. POV of my life is available only for myself. I am trying my best to remain TRUTHFUL & see everyone under light of some positivity. Hope you have a good one.

Tap OUT..😘