True me.. Tap-406..

I hate it when someone tries to market themself as an “ENTREPRENEUR” & then blame on something/someone else why their product didn’t take off. Entrepreneurs take the blame, they never blame others. This is the point where I get pissed & that’s one more reason I have stopped attending start-up incubation rounds. I never put good money in bad money.

You need strong moral & competitive mindset to do business. Only a true businessman knows “Money grows in mind, not in a bank account. First you must prove you got skills to achieve.”

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4 thoughts on “True me.. Tap-406..

  1. I believe this saying as well. People will blame others for not having there business “boom” or get anywhere. You have to make a a good enough product and have a good marketing to get somewhere with a product or idea.

    1. I second you. I always say “Do something different or do it better, or else don’t try business”. I agree we need a huge awareness about marketing & consumer behaviour even before planning to launch a PRODUCT. A ton of thanks for your words Marielli.🤗