True me.. Tap-364..

Hiding your tears will not make you strong, nor wiping it. Expression of anger, fear, agony, hate, misbehavior or even lie must be instantaneous, or else it may build a bitter personality trait inside you till you burst those wrongdoings happened with you or by you. You nurture good things within you, not bullshit. Learn to express it when something is not suiting your taste.

Real people never hide emotions, no matter those emotions are good or bad.

Tap OUT..🤗

8 thoughts on “True me.. Tap-364..

  1. Expressing are emotions is one of the most beautiful things we can do by virtue of being humans. However expressing them instantly isn’t a wise idea. ….
    I feel their is always a time and a place for opening our hearts. And we should be patient enough to wait for that right moment… Glad to read “you nurture good thing within you”….”Real people never hide emotions, no matter those emotions are good or bad.” …. Truly motivating and inspiring…

  2. Yea rage changes people. It makes them a negative person.
    It very important to express your feelings.
    I have my own share of personal experience which taught me this the hard way
    You have a lot of wisdom to share 🤍💗

    1. “Wisdom” is little big for me.😂 I am still learning & enjoying my part of life. We all go through some hard/rough patches which makes us more stable & stronger. Thanks for your words Manisha. Appreciation appreciated.🤗

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