True me.. Tap-409..

So many of you must be thinking “2020 what a motherfucking menace!!”. For a moment I too thought the same during third week of March. Later I don’t know how/why everything seems so easy & exciting. I have switched my address to 6 cities & 4 different countries in my recent past. Few because of my job, last two for business & studies. This covid-19 lockdown gave me enough time to rejuvenate & realign with myself. The best part is “I got rid or everything & everyone that’s cheap”.

It’s an amazing feeling when you grow strong while growing your business & skills even more stronger. Life is not an option, it’s a choice. Choose to live with your full spirit & joy. I love that love which loves me lovingly for what I am for real. I have said it before & saying it again “FRIENDS ARE MY FESTIVALS”. I am an outrageous extrovert by nature. Socializing with friends & new people are my everyday dinner plans. I am happy to share I never got a house big enough to welcome all my friends, I wish this never changes. I have a big bold beautiful different 3*5=15 minutes long surprise brewing to showcase. Hopefully before next birthday I will have something to talk & reveal.🎵😘

Purpose first people next.
Tap OUT..🤗

2 thoughts on “True me.. Tap-409..

  1. “I never got a house big enough to welcome all my friends” I love that. I tend to be an extrovert too but I don’t make friends easy and I’m ok with that too haha!

    1. Thanks for that tiny appreciation.🤗 All my friends are my friends since high school days. I agree with your words about making friends, being exclusive to selective few is a big luxury.