Entrepreneur!! Not me..😜

Whenever I am invited to business/investment summits or conferences/seminars, one question I am always asked in common “Any advice to budding entrepreneurs?”

The funniest part is, I myself don’t like to be termed as an ENTREPRENEUR. The day I entered health supplement business, I promised myself to give some respect to this word ENTREPRENEUR & stop using it beside my name till I make a million quid out of my business. It will take little time and I am in no rush. This is the reason behind why I always mention “Tiny/small health supplement business”. Tap here to read more.

Now back to the question & what I always answer; There are many so called entrepreneur brains who get influenced by wrong people outside the square. And unfortunately when you are new to business, you are unsure about what advice you should be taking! This way “ADVICE” becomes a big part of the problem. My way to deal with it is; “Don’t try to sell something that you aren’t willing to buy”. This bold italic line actually means; “Don’t try to serve something that you can’t accept. It can be cheat, betrayal, a bad business deal, a product you aren’t confident or a bad soup/pizza/salad/cheesecake/crumpets/macaroni in your new restaurant”. Consumer’s demand is the driver of any business & our duty is limited to supply. Materials teach us a lot about life. In my business, I sell some whey protein powders & other few sports enhancement supplements. Even before I entered this business, I am a consumer to everything that I sell since ages. I happily consume them, that’s why I am confident to sell it. If consumer is KING, then PRODUCT is the KINGDOM. You know one stupid yet important line few grandpa generation stock market investors usually say “STICK TO BASICS & PRIORITISE PRIORITIES IN RIGHT TIME FOR A JOYFUL OUTCOME”.

Suppose you are someone who has nothing to do with business or entrepreneurship. Did you get any benefit out of spending your 3 minutes reading this? Answer: DEFINITELY YES. Never ever try to lie, discourage, manipulative, gossip behind someone, seize somebody else’s happiness/limelight or don’t even try to cheat on your partner maybe (in case you have one), all because you are not ready to accept these things happily. If you can’t take it, don’t even dare to throw it at someone. Life is fun, simple & happening. We must respect & be truthful to everyone like we do with ourself.

(Fuck I am missing some Warburton crumpets right now just because I typed about selling crumpets in restaurants. Please don’t. This paragraph is completely out of context. I am an avid hater of sugar, but the only time I can allow myself to apply some honey butter on something is when I have crumpets with my morning coffee.)

Tap OUT..😘

9 thoughts on “Entrepreneur!! Not me..😜

  1. hahahaa “Any advice for a budding entrepreneur???”
    God I feel like I’ve heard that one a million times; thanks for calling that one out.
    But yeah good advice on not dishing out what you wouldn’t be served