True me.. Tap-400..

It’s only a friend who knows everything about your life and still loves you. People who become friends for needs instead of investing bit of true self always fail to grab the real deal.

Now let me talk about one of my friends named Demi who also happens to be my best friend since past 569 years. I am equally thankful & pissed to be a part of our amazing equation. Thankful because she is true to me since day-1. Pissed because there are 2 million other flaws exist in this bitch since forever. Before 3 days we had a tiny fight related to “Why I didn’t receive her call before 17 minutes?”. The answer is: I was busy in bathroom shaving body-hair from some specific parts of my body which took little more time than it used to take because of my trimmer’s low battery warning. It took me 2 minutes to type this & it will not take more than those 2 minutes for anyone to read/understand this situation. But my bestie bitch started fighting with me over this the worst possible way with one usual generic line “Rudey, you have stopped responding me like before now a days”. Yep that’s the only person who calls me RUDEY sighting my rude face & anger filled eyes. To resolve it all I blocked her number & received a long email from her with SORRY right after 2 hours. Now that everything is back to normalcy, I have a beautiful gift for this stupid bitch: anyone from CMU, don’t mind sharing this as much as possible in our groups. Everyone thinks I am talking about her melons when I say “Double D Demi”, it’s actually Dumb Demi. I think now my revenge is done done. DEMI🖕 I still hate you from the top of my heart and bottom of my ass. And yes you are my REAL DEAL.

Tap OUT..😘

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