True me.. Tap-1426..

Progress also looks like:

• Giving yourself time to rest.
• Waiting for what you deserve.
• Not comparing your journey.
• Taking one step at a time.
• Learning something everyday.


True me.. Tap-1425..

It’s funny how we outgrow what we once thought we couldn’t live without.
And then we fall in love with what we didn’t even know we wanted.

Life keeps leading us on journeys we would never go on if it were up to us.
Don’t be afraid.
Have faith in yourself.
Find the lessons.


True me.. Tap-1424..

There is so much abundance, success, and happiness available to you.
Work for what you want.
Crave it.
Consume it.

Do what it takes to create what you need.
On the journey you will lose, you will be told no, but that doesn’t mean you’re not worthy.
Success is a choice, choose it.



Doing what you know you should do but don’t want to until it becomes a habit.
Achieving your goal becomes only a matter of time when you are consistent.

True me.. Tap-1423..

Just show up, as you are.
You don’t have to look or feel great.
You don’t have to be prepared for each challenge or know all the hows of every situation.
You don’t have to be fearless, or have all the answers, or be 100% ready.
Nobody is any of these things.
Nobody ever was.
It’s not about being perfect, at all.
You just have to show up, as you are, despite all the objections and insecurities of your mind, despite each and every fear that threatens to hold you back, despite the limitations and criticisms others will place on you.
To hell with it all.
This is your life, your journey, your adventure, and all it’s asking of you is to show up for it, as you are.
That’s enough.
That’s more than enough.
That’s everything.

Tap OUT..✌️


New goals don’t deliver new results,
new lifestyles do.

And a lifestyle is a process,
not an outcome.

For this reason,
your energy should go into building better habits,
not chasing better results.

True me.. Tap-1422..

This moment right here is all you have.
You have yourself and your life today, which is all you ever need.
We spend so much time focusing on the past or our future that we forget how blessed we are to still be here surrounded by beautiful things.

Try to live in the moment.
Appreciate the life you are living right now and how blessed you are to still be alive today.
Cherish the moment.



Consistently own your role in both success and failure.
Study yourself.
Instead of blaming others, point the finger back at you and find ways to get better.

True me.. Tap-1421..

Educate yourself.
When a question about a certain topic pops up, Google it.
Watch movies and documentaries.
When something sparks your interest, read about it.
Read read read.
Study, learn, stimulate your brain.
Don’t just rely on the basic education system, educate that beautiful mind of yours.
That’s the only way to GROW.



Consistency & patience are beautiful things.
But patience without consistency & consistency without patience, both are just pure nonsense.

True me.. Tap-1420..

Nobody is asking you to be perfect.
It’s enough to just do the best you can do today with what you have inside you right now.
Oftentimes, we put too much pressure on ourselves to please other people.

Whatever you feel when you wake up is good enough; just start with that and make the most of today.
Start where you are.
Use what you have.
Do what you can.


True me.. Tap-1419..

I don’t believe in coincidences.
I think that things happen the way that they are supposed to.
When you really look at and evaluate every experience you’ve had, it’s a direct result of your actions and thoughts.

Don’t fight or wish away unexpected occurrences.
In time, and in its own way, it will prove to better your life in some way.
I’m a firm believer that everything happens for a reason.


True me.. Tap-1418..

It’s so important to acknowledge your weaknesses and imperfections.
It may seem hard at first, but once you begin to recognize and come to peace with your weaknesses, you actually have an honest place to start improving.
We shouldn’t strive for perfection because it doesn’t exist.
When we accept others for who they are and love ourselves unconditionally (flaws and all), we have an opportunity to be open, to be courageous, and to learn.

There’s a chinese proverb which goes like;
“Gold can’t be 100% pure, and people can’t be fully perfect”.

Look at your weaknesses and think about how you can improve in a healthy way.


True me.. Tap-1417..

You get one life to live.
Don’t stay in places that don’t inspire you.
Don’t stay there which doesn’t encourage you,
don’t hangout with those people who don’t make you happy & happening.

Go for what you want in life.
Go to the areas that call you.
Go to the places that calm you.
Go to places that inspire you to be your highest self.

Do anything & everything that you desire without hurting others.
At the end,
be an authentic version of yourself shamelessly.



I respect a person who knows their energy is off and keeps their distance for a while because they don’t want to transfer it onto you.
I don’t think some people understand how real that is.

True me.. Tap-1416..

Focus on developing certain habits if you want to live a happy & fulfilled life:

1. Ignore nonsense.
2. Talk to the point.
3. Learn new skills.
4. Help less fortunate.
5. Laugh.
6. Wake up early.
7. No entitlement.


True me.. Tap-1415..

Six important guidelines in life:

1. When you are alone, mind your thoughts.
2. When you are with friends, mind your tongue.
3. When you are angry, mind your temper.
4. When you are with a group, mind your behavior.
5. When you are in trouble, mind your emotions.
6. When you are blessed, mind your ego.


True me.. Tap-1414..

Just remember;
We are all toxic.

Every single human being is capable of being toxic, has been, currently is, etc.

But some people have the desire to be educated on it and do better while others will ignore any accountability and continue to act the same way.

Pay attention.


True me.. Tap-1413..

Read insightful books that will help you discover who you truly are.
Know your values and priorities,
and get in touch with your current goals and dreams.
What are you heading towards?
What are you excited to create?
When we know what’s important to us, we can align our choices to achieve what we most desire.

It’s empowering to take steps, even small steps, in the direction of our dreams.
Every time we get into action with our goals and stay true to our course, we feel more confident, encouraged and enlivened.



We hurt ourselves because we obsess about the end of our journeys.
Focus on staying in the moment, on being grateful for where you are today.

– S. Mcnutt.

True me.. Tap-1412..

Stop running away from negative emotions.
Stop running away from feelings.
Stop pretending like you have it all together.
Start accepting that you feel messed up.
Let yourself breakdown to get ready for a breakthrough.

Sometimes when you are always focusing on being positive, you are avoiding the pain that makes you stronger.


True me.. Tap-1411..

Rewrite & rewire your taste levels:

For people.
For food.
For aesthetics.
For attraction.
For standards.
For tolerance.
For values.
For morals.
For money.
For behaviours.
For yourself.

Be an authentic version of yourself.
Be you.



I hope you always remember how valuable you are.
You belong here just as much as anyone else, making an impact on every person you meet.
You are needed even if you cannot see it in this moment.
Keep going, friend.
You belong here.


True me.. Tap-1410..

People today get bored of everything very easily, their mobile,
their close ones,
their partner,
their job,
their car,
their life in general.

The problem is that people have become so impatient, they want newness at every step of life.
The truth is that this is not practically possible and living life this way is only going to lead to problems and sadness.

Patience has always been one of the strongest virtues and it is most significant in the present day world.
Run after whatever it is that you want to, but don’t run away from everything.
As you’ll soon find out, there is no where you can run away to.
Try to cherish and enjoy whatever you have while trying to get more out of life.


True me.. Tap-1409..

Three simple rules in life;

1. If you don’t go after what you want,
you’ll never have it.

2. If you don’t ask,
the answer is always NO.

3. If you don’t step forward,
you’re always in the same place.



One of the best signs of your growth is seeing yourself no longer worried, bothered, or hurt by the things that once used to drain you.
You’re getting better and that’s worth celebrating.


True me.. Tap-1407..

Do you know what’s beautiful?

A sincere person.

Someone whose intentions are neither evil nor envious.
Someone who genuinely wants to see you be happy, healthy, successful, and growing.
A sincere person is able to acknowledge, accept, reflect, and lead with love.
They are in touch with their truth and their honesty shows it.
They can be trusted to not only support you, but also guide you when you’re slipping away.
If you have ever met someone like this, hold on to them.

Surround yourself with people who believe in seeing a better version of yourself in you & never disappoint them.
Live your life with good thoughts & clean intentions.
Life is fun. Let it be.


True me.. Tap-1406..

You can’t skip chapters, that’s not how life works.
You have to read every line, meet every character.
You won’t enjoy all of it.
Hell, some chapters will make you cry for weeks.
You will read things you don’t want to read.
You will have moments when you don’t want the pages to end.

But you have to keep going.
Stories keep the world revolving.
Live yours, don’t miss out.



Be firm about your choices right now.
Don’t go backwards to habits and situations that weren’t helping you evolve.
You have to keep reminding yourself why you even decided to move forward.

Stay positive about what’s to come by being consistent with your change now.

True me.. Tap-1405..

Discipline hurts.
It’s uncomfortable.
It feels restrictive.
It feels like a punishment.
But it’s the greatest gift you can ever give to yourself.

Do the things you don’t want to do that will get you to the place you want to be.
Purpose must always remain bigger than pain.
And DISCIPLINE is the only driver towards your purpose. (Not my words.)


True me.. Tap-1404..

So you want to be happy?

Then stop letting the smallest things ruin your whole entire day.
If you’re bored with your daily routine, do something unexpected.

Stop complaining about how alone you are when you’re surrounded by people who actually care about you.
Forget all the drama and let go of all the grudges you’ve been holding.
Stop wasting time lingering over all that you could have, should have and would have done.
Stop spending your days thinking of how much better you could do.
Stop longing for something that has been and always will be out of your reach.

Just live the days as they come.
Wake up every morning and smile at the wonderful day that awaits you.
Take a risk for once.
Let yourself be happy, because you deserve it.



You gotta train your mind to be stronger than your emotions or else you’ll lose yourself every time.

Start fresh.
Be you shamelessly.
It’s all about your MINDSET.

True me.. Tap-1403..

Someone fell in love today.
Someone was born today.
Someone lived through something that could have killed them.
Someone won back the love of their life.
Someone made their parents proud.
Someone survived.
Someone healed.
Someone let go.

Eight billion people, and some of us have just had the best day of their lives.
Today may have been the very worst day of yours.
But take solace and celebrate this simple fact.
It wasn’t your best day today, but it is on it’s way, because we all get lucky in turn.
Life is fun. Let it be.


True me.. Tap-1402..

You gotta start believing that your morning is fun.
Your daily commute is cute.
Your every cup of coffee is the best you’ve ever had.
You have to believe that even the smallest and most mundane things are exciting and new.

You have to, because that’s when you start truly living.
That’s when you look forward to every day.
You don’t have another life, this is all you got.
You gotta start romanticizing your life.


True me.. Tap-1401..

Have a goal.
Wake up earlier.
Start to run.
Make your breakfast.
Cuddle your horse.
Say “I adore you” to someone.
Discover something new about yourself & others.
Own a business.
Sleep well.
Go to that specific place you desire.
Be in peace with yourself.
Take a picture on the top of that mountain.

No matter the kind of goal, have one.
And fight for it.
Wake up everyday with motivation, and fall asleep with a smile.
Live your life to the fullest, every second.
Do exactly what you want, and accomplish it.
You are the master of your life.
You decide.
You create.
So go.
Never doubt of your capacities, and go.



Everything in life starts with your mindset first and your actions second.
Your actions follow your thoughts, your beliefs and ideas.

To make a shift, to free your energy:
start with getting your mind right,
and then, take action.

True me.. Tap-1400..

Success never comes to look for you while you wait around thinking about it.
You are what you do, not what you say you’ll do.
Knowledge is basically useless without action.
Good things don’t come to those who wait;
they come to those who work on meaningful goals.

Ask yourself what’s really important and then have the courage to build your life around your answer.
And remember, if you wait until you feel 100% ready to begin, you’ll likely be waiting the rest of your life.


True me.. Tap-1399..

Discipline is a form of self-care.
It is all about mastering self-control.
You will never always be motivated.

You have to learn to be disciplined.
So that you can love yourself enough to take action based on your inner voice, regardless of how you feel or temptations you face.

You will never always be motivated,
So you must learn to be disciplined.


True me.. Tap-1398..

Nobody’s perfect.
We make mistakes.
We say wrong things.
We do wrong things.
We fall.
We get up.
We learn.
We grow.
We move on.
We live.

Read last one once again.
Live your life fully.


True me.. Tap-1397..

Sometimes it just takes patience for everything to happen.
You won’t get respect in just one day.
You can’t be in love with someone that you just met.
And you won’t be able to forgive yourself in a second.
I’ve learned that helping people is good, but helping someone too much won’t let them grow.
You grow by making mistakes, getting hurt, learning from your regrets.

Change for the better.
Don’t change for someone else.
Change for yourself.
Don’t be selfish.
Don’t limit yourself from doing things just because you don’t think you can make it through.
Remember, time isn’t going to wait for you, so make the best of it.



Stop explaining yourself and telling people everything.
You do not owe anyone an explanation of what you do.
Your life is yours, not theirs.

True me.. Tap-1396..

5 things to do before you get out of bed at morning:

1. Express gratitude.
2. Set your intentions for the day.
3. Take five long deep breaths in & out.
4. Smile for no reason, just flex the muscle.
5. Forgive yourself for yesterdays mistakes.

Tap OUT..✌️

True me.. Tap-1395..

Don’t strive for perfection,
instead strive for experience,
for learning new things and stepping outside of your comfort zone.

Each wrong turn has brought you closer to where you are now.
Every mistake has given the you knowledge you have now.

Challenge yourself,
just give life a go,
leave this unrealistic idea of perfection behind and accept that some chapters in your life are there to get you to the next one.

Some people in your life are there to bring you to others.
The next chapter is worth making a few mistakes for, the next chapter will take you closer to where you need to be.

Tap OUT..✌️

True me.. Tap-1394..

You know you sometimes think yourself into unhappiness and depression.

But did you know, you could also think yourself into happiness?
By positive thinking, you will be well, you will prosper, you will get in touch with what you want & what you meant to be.

Become the master of your thoughts.
Stop thinking about how tough life is.
Stop thinking about the future and the past.
Think of positivity and love, and express these thoughts daily.
You will become what you think. (Not my words.)

Tap OUT..✌️

True me.. Tap-1393..

If you’re working on changing bad habits,
unhealthy thought patterns,
negative emotions,
toxic behaviors,
know that you are healing a part of this world by healing yourself.
Everyone around you will benefit and they will be served by your wholeness.

It’s hard sometimes and I know you want to quit, but this is the work that ultimately changes the world.
SELF IMPROVEMENT also improves everything around you.

Tap OUT..✌️

True me.. Tap-1392..

Even if the current circumstances in your life make you question how you’ll ever get to where you want to be, you have to understand that everything you are currently experiencing or have experienced has a PURPOSE.
Because those previous steps BROUGHT you to where you are today, MOLDING you into the person that you are.

But remember:
There are still so many moments to experience that will bring you joy and CLOSER to your DESTINY.
More laughs, more books to read, more people to meet, more risks, more love, more pictures to take, more places to see and more food to taste.

Once you BELIEVE you’re worthy of having MORE, you’ll realize you have the POWER within you to BRING those things to life.

You still have time to live the life you’ve always imagined.

Tap OUT..✌️


It’s the small habits;
How you spend your mornings!
How you talk to yourself!
What you read!
What you watch!
Who you share your energy with!
Who has access to you!

All these will change your life.

True me.. Tap-1391..

Don’t worry about what people think of you or about the way they try to make you feel.
If people want to see you as a good person, they will.
If they want to see you as a bad person, absolutely nothing you do will stop them.

Ironically, the more you try to show them your good intentions, the more reason you give them to knock you down, because they know they’ve got a part of you that will care about what they do.

Keep your head up high and be confident in what you do.
Be confident in your intentions and keep your eyes ahead instead of wasting your time on those who want to drag you back by not caring or by caring the wrong way.

Because you can’t change people’s views.
You have to believe that true change for yourself comes from within you, not from anyone else.
You must believe, and you must have faith that time itself is much more able to prove your point than you are.

Tap OUT..✌️

True me.. Tap-1390..

To attract better,
you have to become better yourself.
You can’t do the same things and expect change.
You can’t blame anyone or anything.
It’s time to take responsibility for your reality.

Start transforming your mindset.
Start upgrading your habits.
Start being more positive.
Start being a true real version of yourself.

Tap OUT..✌️

True me.. Tap-1389..

You can’t skip chapters, that’s not how life works.
You have to read every line, meet every character.
You won’t enjoy all of it.
Hell, some chapters will make you cry for weeks.
You will read things you don’t want to read.
You will have moments when you don’t want the pages to end.

But you have to keep going.
Stories keep the world revolving.
Live yours, don’t miss out.

Tap OUT..✌️


Progress also looks like:

• Giving yourself time to rest.
• Waiting for what you deserve.
• Not comparing your journey.
• Taking one step at a time.
• Learning something everyday.

True me.. Tap-1388..

7 things to keep in mind:

1. Go after dreams, not people.
2. Love yourself and the rest will follow.
3. Never lose your sense of wonder.
4. You are capable of more than you know.
5. No regrets in life, just lessons learned.
6. Your only limit is you.
7. Life goes by in a blink of an eye, so live life.

Tap OUT..✌️


Train your mind to see the good in everything.
Positivity is a choice.
The happiness of your life depends on the quality of your thoughts.

– Marcandangel.

True me.. Tap-1387..

When you plant seeds in the garden, you don’t dig them up every day to see if they have sprouted yet.
You simply water them and clear away the weeds, you know that the seed will grow in time.

Similarly, just do your daily practice and cultivate a kind heart.
Abandon impatience and instead be content creating the causes for goodness; the results will come when they’re ready.

Tap OUT..✌️

True me.. Tap-1386..

It’s not enough to just love doing something if you want to be good at it.
You have to practice every day.
You need practice before performing.

Practice isn’t the thing you do once you’re good.
It’s the thing you do that makes you good.
-Malcolm Gladwell.

Take time out of your life to practice your passion.
Do whatever you need to do that will propel you toward your goals.
Whatever your practice or passion is, you must exercise discipline.

Tap OUT..✌️


You can only become truly accomplished at something you love.
Don’t make money your goal.
Instead, pursue the things you love doing, and do them so well that people can’t take their eyes off you.

– Dr. Maya Angelou.

True me.. Tap-1385..

If everyone in the world were to hold on to all their past resentments and cling to their pain, there would be no hope for the future because everyone would be angry and bitter, glued to their past.
The practice of forgiveness is powerful beyond words.
Forgiveness is an infectiously beautiful act of humility.
It means you are able to put aside your ego and decide that it’s better to be happy and at peace than to be “right”.

Invest your energy in things that make you happy and don’t worry about being right.
The practice of forgiveness is our most important contribution to the healing of the world.
(Not my words.)

Tap OUT..✌️


Hurting people back will not heal your pain.
Learn to react to people constructively, even if that means being alone in silence, to study your emotions.
In your response is your destiny.
If you do not take conscious control of your reaction, you will give away your power.

True me.. Tap-1384..

Nobody is asking you to be perfect.
It’s enough to just do the best you can do today with what you have inside you right now.
Oftentimes, we put too much pressure on ourselves to please other people.

Whatever you feel when you wake up is good enough; just start with that and make the most of today.

Start where you are.
Use what you have.
Do what you can.

Tap OUT..✌️

True me.. Tap-1383..

You can be high-functioning,
and still be depressed.

You can appear confident,
and still suffer from anxiety.

You can laugh and seem happy,
and still be depressed.

You can make progress in your healing,
and still feel the weight of the trauma.

You can have it all together,
and still feel empty inside.

Be gentle with yourself and others.
Everyone is going through something.

Tap OUT..✌️

True me.. Tap-1382..

If you’ve never tasted a bad apple, you will not appreciate a good apple.
You have to experience life to understand life.
You have to endure disappointment in life, all kind of disappointments, you have to fall flat on your face and feel the pain.
Accept that a lot of your “friends” rather see you fall and fail.
Jealousy is bad disease.
It’s hard to accept and it has a bitter taste, but that’s life my friend.

At the end if you don’t give up, success is inevitable.
We have to fall before we find out who we really are and what we are capable of.

Tap OUT..✌️


– Easy to spot a red car when you are always thinking of a red car.
– Easy to spot opportunity when you are always thinking of opportunity.
– Easy to find reasons to be mad when you are always thinking of reasons to be mad.

You become what you constantly think about.
Watch yourself.

True me.. Tap-1381..

Success never comes to look for you while you wait around thinking about it.
You are what you do, not what you say you’ll do.
Knowledge is basically useless without action.
Good things don’t come to those who wait;
they come to those who work on meaningful goals.

Ask yourself what’s really important and then have the courage to build your life around your answer.
And remember, if you wait until you feel 100% ready to begin, you’ll likely be waiting the rest of your life.

Tap OUT..✌️


Whatever problem happens, you getting depressed or worried is not a solution.
You getting depressed or worried would be one more major problem in the making.

Never allow emotions overpower logic.

True me.. Tap-1380..

Every good thing takes time.
You can’t rush things.
Growth is not linear, but a journey; one filled with challenges and opportunities to push to your destination.
No one can do it for you, it’s your journey.
And there will be days you’ll want to give up, but you can keep going.
There are no shortcuts to get there, so you have to embrace the process.

Think progress, not perfection.
Allow yourself to grow in the process.
Make room for failure too.
Just do your daily practice and cultivate a kind heart.
Bet on hard work.
Abandon impatience.
The results will come down when they’re ready.
Remember, consistent small steps are way better than just one big step with no further progress.

Tap OUT..✌️


The goal is to grow so strong on the inside that nothing on the outside can affect your inner wellness without your conscious permission.

True me.. Tap-1379..

Some of the kindest souls I know have lived in a world that was not so kind to them.
Some of the best human beings I know have been through so much at the hands of others.
And they still love deeply.
And they still care.

Sometimes, it’s the people who have been hurt the most who refuse to be hardened in this world, because they would never want to make another person feel the same way they have felt.
If that isn’t something to be in awe of, I don’t know what is.

Tap OUT..✌️


Monday doesn’t suck.
The weather doesn’t suck.
Your partner doesn’t suck.
Your lack of self-worth and self-love sucks.

True me.. Tap-1378..

I hope you find yourself out there.
I hope you figure out your heart.
I hope you figure out your mind.
I hope you learn how to be kind to yourself.
I hope you learn how to embrace the journey you are on.
I hope you learn how to be proud of the person you are becoming.
I hope you learn how to be proud of where you are, even if it isn’t exactly where you want to be.
I hope you learn to fall in love with the process, with the messiness of life and the confusion of it all.

At the end of the day, I hope you find what you’re looking for out there.
I hope your life inspires you.

Tap OUT..✌️


Stop forcing yourself to live up to other people’s expectations.
Stop going through life making decisions based on other people’s desires, especially as they don’t have to live with the results of those choices.

Own your life.
It’s your soul, your mind, your heart and your body.

True me.. Tap-1377..

When obstacles arise, don’t be surprised.
Don’t get stressed out or allow yourself to get lost in worry or anxiety.
Instead, take a deep breath and invite wisdom into your situation with the confidence that you can and will find and create a solution.
for every problem, there is a solution.
But, it’s going to require hope, creativity, and faith to find it.

The hope that there’s a way out, the creativity to find a way around the problem, the faith that you strong enough to conquer the problems that you face.
You got this.
You are strong enough to overcome every mountain you face.
There’s magic in your bones.

Tap OUT..✌️


There are three solutions to every problem:
1. Accept it.
2. Change it.
3. Leave it.

If you can’t accept it, change it.
If you can’t change it, leave it.