Sunday story time.. 04.

This post/story is about basic human decency. Yesterday i came across a horrible person, who misbehaved a small restaurant owner while paying for some eggy bread, pork pie & tea. He was short of some cash even though he came with entire family in a BMW X5. His argument started escalating over Apple pay, that too in a small & new cash only eatery. Later he went to ATM, withdrew some cash & paid for his food. According to his words; if you aren’t accepting Apple pay, you should go back to country side & he was some corporate employee for BAE systems. The words he used against that restaurant owner made me question his upbringing & it also made me realise what an highly educated asshole looks like. We live in a materialistic world where we literally judge someone looking at their clothes/house/car/phone/financial status, the last comes EDUCATION, QUALIFICATION, PERSONALITY & BEHAVIOUR, that too only if we enjoy a healthy interaction. So, Why these so-called few corporate employees belittle street food truck or small restaurant owners in their head!!

Because i mentioned these words “Materialistic world” & “Corporate Employee”, let’s talk about the money part first. Any engineer/banker/software developer/analyst with 3-5 years of job experience makes easy 95-130k salary per annum, no matter it’s Dollars/Euros/Pounds. Social security+Insurance+Tax, combined all are around 38-42% of entire income in most developed countries. Now monthly in hand salary comes close to 5200-6700 Dollars/Euros/Pounds.

Let’s talk about the small scale business owner who runs a food truck or a street food restaurant, here an easy quick meal costs 7-10 Dollars/Euros/Pounds. It can be a Full English breakfast/Tacos/Pastrami Sandwich/Doner kebab or a salad with tea/coffee/any kind of drink. They receive 80-90 such orders during lunch hour, mostly regular customers during a rush hour. And casually another 80-90 orders at evening because that’s the preferable time to cater tourists/students/kids/young people/couples. Total around 170 orders of 7-10 bucks food product, gross 1500 bucks everyday. Sunday everything is closed. So it comes to 1500×26=39000 worth of sales in a month, not the profit amount. If you deduct the raw ingredients+gas+rent+electricity+3-4 employees salary from that 39000, that small scale business owner is still left with easy 9000-12000 Dollars/Euros/Pounds in his hands every month.

Tried to show you an easy estimation in both scenarios. I am saying it from my experience. I know a half Indian brit who lives in Berlin, he started a ghost kichen sourdough pizzeria in Alexanderplatz in the middle of pandemic. Now it’s a small yet busy full blown cafe. His cafe is open only 4 hours every evening, but he makes way more than my salary. Even in terms of money, a small scale business owner enjoys a better financial stability compared to any employee. The good part is, EVERY BUSINESS OWNER IS HIS OWN BOSS. They work their ass off for their family, so that family can enjoy a life worth calling LIFE. I have studied 4 years bachelor’s in engineering, then MBA, now i am a PhD research scholar (still a student), i also have 4+ years of job experience as a data/research analyst & software developer. I bet that person who started a small mediocre petty drama must have studied something like i did. And most of the time people who work at multinational companies imagine they enjoy the best lifestyle compared to rest, which can be true. But does that allow anyone to be a jackass on streets? We can’t cure certain issues by cursing & shouting. Education is not just there for earning a qualification. If education isn’t making you humble, grateful & a better human, then you are simply a waste of time & energy for society.

(Forgot to schedule this post on Sunday. When i mentioned yesterday above, i am talking about an incident from Saturday. The restaurant owner i mentioned is one of my friends from A-level days.)

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  1. It’s a fallacy to think that education makes people smarter or better people. Some of the dumbest, rudest people I’ve met had PhDs. For one thing, the higher up the education ladder you go, the narrower the focus becomes. People get arrogant, look down their noses at other people, and think their sh*t doesn’t stink. The same with corporate CEOs. They make big bucks, get a lot of perks, and start thinking they’re better than the people under them. Pride goeth before a fall, as they say. Being kind to others is worth more than all the money and education in the world.

    1. I think, education makes people better. And also some wealthy or highly educated people are way too humble, especially those who rise to top from bottom. But the ones who are born with silver spoon act weird in society. And i am a PhD student.😂 Thanks for your words.👍

  2. My son is his own boss and he loves it. He is a commercial and political consultant and works in many different countries. He enjoys the freedom of having his own company and being the only person in it. It works for some but not for others.Bravo to your friend with the pizzeria. He took the proverbial bull by the horns and made it work.

    1. Happy to know about your son having a good independent life. It’s fun to own & run a business. I own a health supplement business since 4+ years, it’s like my first child.😂 I am into fitness since i was 17, so it serves my desires to do what i like to do. Thanks Anne. Appreciated.👍

  3. I have met and worked with many people like that! Because they have letters after their name they think they are better than a person without any letters. I have something they don’t; the unconditional love of my close family. I feel sorry for them and that business owner probably does too.

  4. Money may make you look successful, but it can also make you look like an A–hole. If you know the rules going in, why complain when they are followed? Cheers and thanks for the timely message. Allan