You will notice;
People who got too little going on with life always act like they got too much going on.

Mentally or financially weak people always hide behind UNAVAILABILITY.
(There’s nothing called BUSY when you want something/someone in life.)

(This video got nothing to do with the post above. Now a days i am vibing to this track, so shared it.)

True me.. Tap-453..

I know few who start crying while talking about a past incident which broke them apart. Hurting such people makes me feel like I murdered an innocent soul, no matter that happens unknowingly. I am rude out of my emotional unavailability & I have no issues asking forgiveness whenever I fuck up.

There is no such problem between two people which can’t be resolved with a heart to heart conversation. OWN YOURSELF. It’s our responsibility to be stay in sync with own emotions & responsibilities.

Tap OUT..🤗

I see me in this message!!

The title should be; Another GREAT FIND!!

Games are something I make & I let others follow. Please try harder to crack my inner core, remember I started from ZERO each time I failed. & I have no fear to start over again anything/everything which will prosper my desires and demands.

True me.. Tap-107..

My tiny life has kicked me enough time to time, two lessons are key take away;

  1. Materialistic happiness matters. They help you stand to the reality named “WORLD” & “SOCIETY”.
  2. Emotional happiness comes from within & emotional unavailability comes from outside/someone else.

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