True me.. Tap-1580..

Choose discipline.
Choose experience.
Choose knowledge.
Choose consistency.
Choose faith.
Choose calm.
Choose joy.
Choose abundance.
Choose self care.
Choose time management.
Choose tunnel vision.
Choose open mindedness.

Choose fun.
Choose laughs.
Choose growth.
Choose health.
Choose love.
Choose harmony.
Choose forgiveness.
Choose yourself.



Not all talented people are successful.
Not all successful people are talented.
Sometimes it’s all about an open mind to learn & a consistent hunger to grow, very few understand it.


Education’s purpose is to replace an empty mind with an open one.

– Malcolm Forbes.

(This video got nothing to do with the post above. Big fan of Elon Musk & his opinions on shaping our world. In case you have enough time, try to watch full video. It’s pure fun & educational at the same time.)