True me.. Tap-26..

Don’t try to sell the bullshit of being different to the world. You don’t need to be different to be accepted or appreciated.

Sometimes being generic or being usual is also fun. Usual is not bad. Till the time you don’t have a pull towards someone emotionally, you can’t get hurt. Now where to invest your emotions to get the right yield is your headache. Work on yourself.. 💪


God works mysterious ways, TRUE. Remember everything that’s not working in your favour will be removed from your life.

Actually God works within you, only when you are happy without hurting others.


Yes, health-wise i am little shattered. Recovering. Will power in me is at it’s peak. Whatever i wanted to be & i was talking myself, now i am walking the talk. I never advertised my gains, not the guy who is into flexing. I am enjoying what life is giving me at this moment, for the tiny efforts i am putting.

The achievements of my life can be summed in one line; “My wounds are my trophies”.

I am still trying to catch up. Past year snatched so much from me, but i earned some good experiences. Yes, I have an angel in my life. I am working on it further. Never stopped myself at any point to express & grab some more love from her.

Now I am saying this to everyone of my friends & family, everyone who is more human than i am. Your wishes make me stronger, i am a little me because of you. With some wishes & some luck; i am marching ahead slowly. Ask me again about this 25strong feeling? I am that same 13 years old grade 8 kid. Another birthday gone, the same vibe for seeing a next day better than today. There is something called self-esteem, i never let it go submerged in my shady past. I am still trying. Trying to be a better human every next day.

I started a small health supplements business during last quarter of 2017 in India. Making enough to survive & helping few who help me managing it in my absence. We are going Asian from Indian in some months, yes months. People who backed me like a pillar in my highs to lows are appreciated & cherished in my dictionary. I never say it, but i mean it when i put little respect to the equation of our relationship. Loving it & living it.

Now for those who have raised concerns about my further endeavours. Yes, i studied somewhere. Worked somewhere else. Doing my business somewhere else. & I am still on talks about migrating to a chic city before naming it my last stop for life. Business is all about opportunism. See a demand-supply gap, measure & hit it with the best possible resort you have to bridge it.

I am more of a practical person. Life is life, where & when it makes you feel comfortable. Let people talk. See the World as a global village. Own your words & work. Move yourself wherever you want. Now a days, it’s easy to label someone with a negative remark. Before reaching your destiny, you will hear so much more. Travel & Educate yourself. If you have a need or desire, switch places. People call it MIGRATION, i call it choices. You are living in a free world. Never negotiate with your happiness. Easy.
Tap OUT.

Ending it with this line again “FREEDOM IS WORK & PROGRESS”.