The irony is that some men use money to attract women but hate gold diggers, and some women use their body to attract men but hate to be viewed as sex object.

(Not my words).

(This video got nothing to do with the post above. I laugh when i hear cousins getting married with each other in certain religion/community. Actually i found this video about Royal inbreeding funny.)

Another GREAT FIND!!

We all want a partner to share our happiness & get excited with their side’s unseen life. Doesn’t matter which side you are in, you need to be the best version of you to attract an amazing soul who can complete you like a fool who can’t get enough of laughter & smile both in your whole life. We all break, we want to share that too. But getting over own broken heart, broken bank or broken life is your responsibility.

True me.. Tap-68..

Suddenly I am getting some comments on my posts where few feminazis are talking about me being a dick towards women & my opinions about money is also questioned.

Answer to both:
I write posts to understand my own life the best possible way, like a diary for myself. Each day you see 3 posts, definitely I can’t touch everyone’s heart or glory-hole. Read it with a good spirit. Money is not everything, YES I agree. & Opinions about life can be different. My happiness & stability has a lot to do with financial stability at this point. Maybe yours too. Next one; all boy things or melon/lemon whatever, I am a straight person. I love girls, YES I have a major attraction towards girls with a sculptured body. I respect those who workout little bit to take care of that booty naturally. I am not gonna change my ways related to that. Not body shaming anyone. I am just praising the ones who understand god’s gift called “human body”, those who eat right & follow a routine/schedule/diet/workout for their health+mind.

I never disrespect LOVE. Yes I believe in a HAPPILY EVER-AFTER. Left it on universe right now. I am working my ass off to build myself. The day my other half ONE will approach me with enough love, I will make sure she experiences the best of what I can ever be.

Tap OUT..😘

True me.. Tap-61..

Never ever break your heart when someone cheats you in a relationship.

Men who cheat have almost zero self esteem & women who cheat are a loose character.

In both cases, pick your higher ground as an independent individual & dare to stand your TRUTH.

Tap OUT..💪

13 Signs of a Narcissistic women..

1: Talking about self in exaggerated terms.

2: She will try to dominate a conversation with something silly & out of the topic rant.

3: Her most conversations are based around accomplishments, looks, materialism. They will hide from talking anything passionate about life, like earning respect, money or looking for exciting adventures & activities.

4: They want each positive feedback to hit them. She can’t stand not being center of attention even though they have a charming life, loving family. They always look forward for some third party validation & intimacy even while holding on to a relationship.

5: Spot her actions against her words, they lack reliability. The lack of dependence can be emotional as well. They will be there for you one minute & gone the next. There will be a pattern of inconsistency you can spot in very few days.

6: They are not suitable for sharing anything private, because they are never sincere to anybody.

7: Instant gratification, irritation & anger: They all are badly self obsessed. The only way to keep them at your side is only when you say YES to all their stupidity & ill thoughts. The moment you point your conversation to something real, they will move backwards. Even a NO is something they can’t digest.

8: Sometimes it’s embarrassing to handle them both in conversation & in public places. You never know when they can behave insane.

9: They enjoy breaking rules. Appointments, classes, promises & their own words. You name them, they are already there. They will use other’s feelings without consideration & sensitivity.

10: Manipulation: they always try to hold on to near & dear ones to cover up self perceived inadequacies & flaws. They can manipulate you to think the way they think to behave. They will try to pamper you to take towards some foolish extent that they can’t think beyond. Some will seem unbelievably magical to be utter bullshit.

11: They keep themselves indulged in superiority or inferiority complexes. They always try to feel secure from inside, which is actually a pretend to be something in everybody’s eyes which has too little potential to be different.

12: They will always try to tell the other side to be right on time & right on spot, but punctuality is not their one of the special features to be honest. They pretend to be the perfectionists. For them the rules don’t imply on them, but for everybody around surrounding them. They are actually just some emotionally hollow ruthless people.

13: They can never take a criticism. They go raged with that. You can spot them uttering a similar phrase of word or tone when they get into their zone of denial or hiding, insults.

True me.. Tap-09..

Everyone judges me when I gift noise cancelling headphones as gift for marriage or anniversary.

You must see the bigger picture. Women are part crazy, dumb & loud. Trust me, that’s cute.
And we Men have needs. There is no cure except smile & say “I love you my queen” for every good or bad situation. Music without external noise is key to sanity. 😉😘

Women are bad drivers!!

Who says “Women are bad drivers?”.

Just said BYE to my friend, RIP to that puppy & THANKS to god.

Oh. Let me explain..

BYE because she dropped me from hospital to my apartment, RIP because that puppy died who came under her new Camry, & THANKS because I am safe.

The best of all; I was missing rollercoaster rides & river rafting since my last Cardiff international white water trip, Can’t say the same for next few months from now.