True me.. Tap-1372..

Do not engage with someone with lower behavior.
You will be dealing with someone who projects,
who has ego problems,
who is self centered,
who lacks empathy,
who is emotionally immature,
who has unhealed wounds of their own,
who has a need to feel superior,
who needs to control others,
and who ends up hurting just about everyone who crosses their path.
Stay away from such people & such behaviour.

Move forward by healing your own hurts.
Improve yourself.
And forget about inviting other’s toxicity into your space.
You are your own responsibility.
Make sure you make yourself a better version of yourself with time.

Tap OUT..✌️


Just remember, we are all toxic.

Every single human being is capable of being toxic, has been, currently is, etc.
But some people have the desire to be educated on it and do better while others will ignore any accountability and continue to act the same way.

Pay attention.


Healthy relationships feel boring to people who are used to relationships filled with toxicity, inconsistency & drama.
They are not sure what to do with LOVE that is calm, kind, drama free, non toxic & doesn’t require them to constantly make painful sacrifices.

A healthy relationship is fun, consistent & always smooth sailing even during bad times, PERIOD.

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