Toxic people see your boundaries as revenge on them, and think you are nothing but a problem.
When in reality, it’s their toxic behavior that led to those boundaries in the first place.

True me.. Tap-1414..

Just remember;
We are all toxic.

Every single human being is capable of being toxic, has been, currently is, etc.

But some people have the desire to be educated on it and do better while others will ignore any accountability and continue to act the same way.

Pay attention.


True me.. Tap-1393..

If you’re working on changing bad habits,
unhealthy thought patterns,
negative emotions,
toxic behaviors,
know that you are healing a part of this world by healing yourself.
Everyone around you will benefit and they will be served by your wholeness.

It’s hard sometimes and I know you want to quit, but this is the work that ultimately changes the world.
SELF IMPROVEMENT also improves everything around you.

Tap OUT..✌️