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No matter what you do,
no matter how many times you screw up and think to yourself “there’s no point to carry on”,
no matter how many people tell you that you can’t do it, keep going.
Keep going, that’s the only way to go.
Don’t quit.

Don’t quit, because a month or a year from now you will be way more closer to your goals & desires than you are now.
Yesterday you said tomorrow.
Make today count.

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Easy to spot a Red car when you are always thinking of a Red car.
Easy to spot opportunity when you are always thinking of opportunity.
Easy to find reasons to be mad when you are always thinking of reasons to be mad.

You become what you constantly think about.
Watch yourself.

True me.. Tap-1101..


1. Become more observant.
Notice everything that surrounds you.
The world is full of examples, ideas, words, wisdom, mistakes and experiences.

2. Collect ideas.
Ideas and thoughts tend to evaporate from your mind too fast.
Try to capture them before it is too late. Ideally, write down or sketch every single one.

3. Read. Read a lot.
Reading is probably the best investment of time ever.
Devote at least 30 minutes per day to reading.
Ideally, have a book always with you.

4. Analyze your day.
Before going to bed, spend 10 minutes analyzing your day.
Consider what things you managed to do well and what mistakes you made.

5. Start writing.
The biggest value of a good writing skill is that it cultivates a discipline.
First of all, the discipline of thinking.
Your thoughts will cease to be random and chaotic.
They will gradually become systematic and structured instead.

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Life is majorly about two things;

1. The impact you leave on people & society with your way of living, thinking & behaviour.
2. The love that you get & give.

(This video got nothing to do with the post above. Only my friends know why i love basketball & i respect Shaq for his work+business ethics. Watch this video reason from 3.34 till next 2 minutes, those will be my rules for my kids in 2040.)

True me.. Tap-764..

It is important to know who you are,
what you stand for and how you want to see yourself.
You have your whole life for you,
and you determine what you do with it and how you will experience your journey.
There is no one who can tell you who you are,
because you decide for yourself.
You make your own choices,
you choose your own direction,
and you determine your own steps.

Think about who you are,
think about how you position yourself against others.
Think of your qualities and your intentions.
See yourself as the person you want to be,
without thinking about your status,
your score,
your ability or the people around you.
Nothing or nobody should affect who you are as a person,
who you are in terms of thinking,
who you are in your actions.
The life you have for you is your chance to follow your dreams, to discover,to develop and to enjoy yourself.
Imagine a life in which you are completely yourself, in which you fulfill your dreams.
Live. Live your life first.

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True me.. Tap-576..

Most of us humans suffer from something called “Black and white thinking” also known as polarized thinking. This is an all-or-nothing mindset that things happen either all the way or not at all. When extremes become the norm, you’ll start to think that there are only two outcomes to any situations wild success or terrible failure.

You might start to believe that people are either all good or all bad or that they must be either a loyal friend or an enemy. This cognitive distortion is completely unrealistic. It erases all gray areas or spectrums and leads you to believe things that are often untrue. Reality doesn’t exist in extremes and seeing it like that is unfair to yourself and others.

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True me.. Tap-183..

Either you are talking with me or talking/thinking about me, I am there in your head anyways. Your love is welcome & your hate is more than welcome.

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True me.. Tap-146..

Ways to make it happen:

1. Quit thinking, start talking.

2. Once you are done talking, STOP. WORK on it.

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