True me.. Tap-359..

Never let your emotions run the show, nor your mind. There are times when you feel something is lost/down/low. Nobody in your environment can pull you up till you figure out what’s keeping you down. Within you the only thing that matters is your own stability, CHASE THAT. You are the only savior you got.

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True me.. Tap-358..

Feelings come with consequences. When someone doesn’t measure up your standards, hold your head up high & move forward with what you got. Here measurement should be values & experiences. You don’t need a validation in any company. Have clear intentions & have courage to communicate them. That’s how you build yourself to be a stable true human being. No games.

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True me.. Tap-356..

The first time I tried to climb a tree was equally terrifying for me as I tried to climb a mountain. There was a fear or FAILURE. I failed in both during my first attempt. The failure with tree was not that bad because it was my backyard & I was just 8 years old. But the first attempt with mountain wounded my calf muscles & knee real bad. I tried/practiced & successfully climbed that same mountain second time after taking a tiny break to heal.

The best part; both incidents/accidents were mad fun for me. Now I have two stories where I succeeded. “SOMETIME FAILURES ARE FUN”.

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True me.. Tap-353..

Johny, Johny, Yes, Papa.
Eating sugar? No, Papa.
Telling lies? No, Papa.
Open your mouth, hahaha!!

This tiny childhood nursery rhyme is still a lesson/reminder to few adults. What it teaches is; “You aren’t allowed to lie after committing a mess, no matter you are little Johny or whatever your age”. We humans are made to do amazing new mistakes & learn from it, not to repeat it. Lie didn’t work with Johny in this rhyme when his dad found sugar in his mouth. The best thing about a lie/liar is; it’s just predictable. Any moment you want to show up with a headstrong attitude towards life like a winner, first show up with your side of TRUTH.

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