True me.. Tap-416..

Agree I always cherish money. My mates know “I get hella excited the day I make couple hundred or even few grands from daytrading”. Yes my happiness mostly revolves around couple of quids which may reflect a huge emotional unavailability inside me.

When some university bitches ask me “You Indian!! Really? You look more Italian than a pasta carbonara”, I still don’t know whether it’s a compliment or a racist remark!! JK😂such little cheekiness is worth a laugh anyday. I would love to mention “Somewhere in my head I am still a brown baddie connected to his roots who is not a fan of these concrete jungles”. Till the time I pump a baby inside my future boo, my emotions & attention will remain attached to my bank account. Hell yes I love babies & puppies because of their innocence and nonsense.

People who don’t know me usually misunderstand my hunger for money as my hunger for success. TRUE THAT, SUCCESS LOVES MONEY & MONEY LOVES SUCCESS. In my eyes SUCCESS means an early retirement where I can dedicate my 24/7 to my people, a big dream to achieve for this single stupid sassy stubborn TAP & it’s a damn fun ride to be honest. Money, business & stock market investments are the game of patient but aware men. Same I can say for compound interest, either you understand it or you are paying it.

Tap OUT..👍

True me.. Tap-396..

Fetch a DREAM worth more than SLEEP. Live your dreams, so that you don’t need to run away from yourself. Most people are stupid excited to go on a vacation because they are just not happy with their current life. Can’t you create a life you don’t need vacation from!! Learn to prioritise happiness & money equally in your journey of life. You know what past teaches us about kings, emperors & also about modern day gentlemen; “Everyone of these 3 is rich”.

Create a life for yourself which fulfills you & keeps you excited to live, not to exist. Success loves money & Money loves success. Figure out your entry point. No matter you are running behind SUCCESS or MONEY, you are in the same direction. Actually you are in right direction.

Tap OUT..💪