True me.. Tap-992..

Appreciate everything.
Appreciate it when you go out on the street and the light is green.
Appreciate it when someone gives you a small candy.
Appreciate every compliment you receive.
Appreciate the love that people give you.
Appreciate every breath that someone takes before they tell you something because they took it for you.

Appreciate even the bad things because there’s no better thing than balance and balance doesn’t exist without bad things.
Appreciate your balance.
Appreciate your life.
Appreciate yourself.

Tap OUT..✌️


In religion, it’s called SPIRITS.
In science, it’s called ENERGY.
In the streets, it’s called VIBES.
All I’m saying is; TRUST IT.

True me.. Tap-148..

I have taken little bit inspiration & experience on why/where/how/what I went through my life!!

Sneakers, joggers, hoodie/round neck t-shirt, little bit skating, gym & pizza, because I am still the same 13 street smart assholic kid.

Cheesecake, roasted lemon pepper chicken barbecue & wine with blue crab caviar nachos, because I turn classy after 9pm twice in a week.

Business enthusiast, data analytics & PhD, because I never want to stop learning.

Boots, boobs, beaches, bitches, shopping, better flight/hotel deals, because I am one self-made INDEPENDENT DICK & I met none who’s worth of my LOVE or LOYALITY.

Tap OUT..😘