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So. Where to invest in 2019??

“Don’t put your eggs in one same basket.”

If you are reading this from a tier-1 economy country, this is for you.

Till 2018, share market was way too bully & it was raising like a slingshot since 2003-04. What I am mentioning here is, the graph only grew further. There were no pretty big setbacks. Not in Europe, China or Japan as well. In America too it raised pretty well. People wanted to be there & invested religiously. 2018 wasn’t a awful year, but not a productive one either. Most people will agree with me about loses with buy calls.

Now. Let’s talk about the cure & everyone’s favourite “Technology stocks”. Facebook, Google, Oracle, Amazon & Apple. They aren’t the same bet as they used to be. It completely depends on the growth of US economy. With Donald Trump’s trade war on it’s verge, it’s damn unsure about furthermore. Just doubledown your investment in such stocks. Investors used to think these are the stocks which will perform well till next few years or a decade. Predictions talk a slower growth year for 2019.

So. China?

No, with public expenditure collapsing even China isn’t able to grow at the pace it used to be. The worst part of that is, EU’s growth associated to China. When Chinese economy fails to surpass the expectations, the same time even EU struggles with it. Their manufacturing giant stature isn’t a bubble. It reflects & effects everyone in this connected world. Towards this issue, Chinese government is already working with some new rules & relaxations. Let’s keep a watch on it.

(I didn’t mention anything about UK, looking at the Brexit issues going on. Doesn’t matter how badly I am attached, money matters).

Emerging markets!! Yeah, we are talking now. Some Asian & African markets. & You should include Japan & Australia to your account as well. Think about the feasibility. Wealth isn’t stagnant, It shouldn’t be. For this coming year, currency & banking stocks will be my pick in India. For consumer electronics stocks, look towards Japan. Spread your money wisely. Invest half in rich economies & half in emerging markets. I will keep on talking about my opinions onwards. Put forward your best strategy for best results.

Before anyone asks me more about gold or commodity, crypto & Forex related products; I will only suggest about educating self first. Products which give you instant enormous benefits are volatile, stop depending on those.

I am wishing you all a delightful productive year ahead. Stay tuned & fetch your dreams eyes open.

Happy new year 2019.

Bitcoin.. Here is my take!!

This one article is start & end to all your answers about investment in Bitcoin..

First line: if your influence can’t change it, that’s not an INVESTMENT.

This line completely sums up what’s Bitcoin.

Barry Silbert, CEO of Digital currency group has said this about Bitcoin; “this is a product with highest risk & highest return.”

If there is a business which fluctuates daily more or close to 30%, that’s an unsafe investment.

The most experienced invester of this planet (Warren Buffet, CEO Berkshire Hathaway) has said this in 2014; “It’s a mirage. The idea that, it has some huge intrinsic value is just a joke”. People aren’t buying into the value og substance, they are buying into the value of hype.

If you know have any idea about world of investment; Berkshire Hathaway is the biggest & seasoned investment company. Charlie Munger(Vice chairman) has said; “Avoid Bitcoin like the plague.” The more it will spread, it will end  taking that many people & their hopes with it.

Noone knows why & how Bitcoin grows. If you can’t influence, don’t invest there. It’s a blind game. You don’t know what’s next coming. Bitcoin is working on a mathematical software algorithm which is hardly known to few hundred people.

I still don’t know why investors going crazy over this. There is no reason behind it’s growth or slump. It definitely seems like a virtual scam. & It is actually. It’s not a horse meant for long race. Bitcoin started as a medium of exchange which became a purpose of investment today. But, it’s not an actual investment. It’s an virtual investment. That’s the reason why there is no calculation or predictibility behind it’s growth & slump. Again this factor makes it an blind investment. The worst thing which is hiding in it is; it lacks LONG TERM VALUE PREPOSITION.

Bitcoin is fast , unpredictable & volatile; so risky. Which makes it look like a gamble. The concept is new. Limited track record of growth or slump. Low credibility. & The biggest flaw, no tax benefits (before or after investment). The government is behind it since the beginning, & there is a reason to it. Someday your entire money invested can be coloured illegal & devasted. Because Bitcoin is getting used in Black market & money laundering. Hackers, Tax evadors & Terrorists are using it. All illegal activities are seeing new heights after rise of Bitcoin. You can’t just think about achieving a self goal by stabbing the government & it’s regulations. You will never get sovereign support in it. There is no government or federal backing with it. Making a cash out will be damn difficult if the prices plump. Investment in cash will be a idea of trash. No billionaires are formed from Bitcoin investment. Learn more & earn more.

I will suggest you to invest in Debt fund, equity, gold, share, property, FD, PPF. These are the actual investments. It’s little slow & lazy but effective. Concept is old. The track record is awesome. So higher credibility. You can get tax benefits before or after investment. & In returns too; it’s tax free. It’s regulated & monitored by government. This is beneficial for both actually. Your bank or your government is the third party between your investment & your returns. Which makes it lot safer. Your earnings & investments are backed by government+third party agencies. 

Now about my opinion!! Yes i am holding Bitcoin. How much.. ssshhh. Not gonna answer. In my initial days of engineering, I was working on a software testing project. A client from London was unable to pay my dues because he was broke when the project was about to finish. He paid me some money in Bitcoin. & I am talking about year 2011. I am that dumbdick who used it to buy an gumtree enlisted nvidia graphics card from an seller. I still hold a part of those Bitcoins i was paid. & I really don’t care about it’s price going up for down. Studies even suggest that, the price of Bitcoin may go as high as half a million dollars by 2022-2025. But, nothing is guaranteed. I’m 100% confident about blockchain technology & crypto currency. There are some other currencies which will rule, which are more regulated. It’s going to be the beginning of an era of uncertain innovations & findings in coming days. So stay updated, learn & unlearn as much as you need. Thank you for taking your time to reach the end of this article.