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10 daily reminders;

Kindness is free.
– It’s okay to have bad days, But don’t let those bad days make you believe you have a bad life. They will pass.
Everyone’s journey is different.
– You are loved and you are enough, always.
Spread love & positivity.
– Focus on the things you can control and let go of things you can’t.
Don’t put so much pressure on yourself to have it all figured out.
– You need to believe in yourself first, so others can believe in you.
Stop comparing yourself to others.
– Nobody has it all figured out (even if it looks like they do).

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True me.. Tap-937..

Don’t waste your time judging other people, it’s not your place.
You weren’t put here to judge others.
You are here to be the best version of yourself that you can be and to spread love and kindness to everyone you meet.

Do not judge other people, use your time making a difference.
So the moral of the story is; WHO ARE YOU TO JUDGE?

(This video got nothing to do with the post above. I feel pity on these antivaxxers, let’s not judge them. I also understand we shouldn’t mock dead people. We mustn’t lack compassion because certain group of dumbfucks can’t understand WHAT’S LIFE or HOW SCIENCE WORKS, these are just victims of misinformation. We can either laugh at their nonsense or smile to their mediocrity.)

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