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Growth requires vulnerability.
Growth requires accountability.
Growth requires willingness.
Growth requires exploration.
Growth requires removal.
Growth requires space.
Growth requires discipline.


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Growth won’t always look the way you envisioned it.

Sometimes we can romanticize growth as only being abundance or making space for more.
But i also believe growth involves shedding, loss, and really tough shifts.
Growth is saying how you really feel.
Growth is sometimes disappointing others by choosing you.
Growth is being willing to let go even though it’s hard.
When we ask for growth, we may have to be willing to allow people, places, and opportunities to leave for our benefit.
That’s growth too.

(Not my words.)

(This video got nothing to do with the post above. Very few know about my Cullinan review video in snapchat spotlight. I am an automobile enthusiast. Rolls Royce recently made two electric engine marvels. One is this prototype phase spectre, their first electric vehicle. Other one is an world’s fastest electric engine plane. Waiting to see other luxury brands to follow. Future looks good.)

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You deserve to be in spaces and relationships that make you happy; that feed your soul and help you grow.
You are worthy of connections that are loving, nourishing and genuine.
Before you settle for anything less than, remind yourself that the places you visit and people you journey with through life should make you feel safe, loved and enough.
-Alex elle.


Consider becoming the type of energy that no matter where you go, or where you are, you always add value to the spaces and lives of those around you.


(This video got nothing to do with the post above. I deleted my Facebook account in 2011 & I have my own reasons to hate Facebook. See this tiny 3 minutes video, this guy makes whole lot sense.)

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Live a life with a thought where nothing is wasted. Seeing postivity in everything/everyone is tough, but worth it. Let me explain. Most think “failed relationships were a waste of time”. No. There are people who are meant to be in your life and people who aren’t, but that doesn’t make any failed relationship a waste. Even if it was awful and wasn’t what you wanted at all, at least you learned what you don’t want.

You shouldn’t force people to stay in your life. If they know your worth and want you in their lives, they will make desirable space for you.

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