True me.. Tap-1332..

Instead of feeling like you’re behind, feel grateful for any setbacks you’ve had in your life and each lesson you have learned along the way.
Be grateful for each relationship and what you were able to learn about yourself through falling in and out of love.
Feel proud of how strong you have become from each time you were left to put the pieces of your broken heart back together.
Be grateful that you learned that you will heal again no matter what you go through.

You should be proud that you learned how to recognize and move on from situations that are no longer good for you.
You might feel like you are behind, but when you really think about it, everything you have been through has made you the person you are now.
Your experience is your strength, and you shouldn’t wish to change that for anything.

Tap OUT..✌️


Train your mind to be stronger than your emotions.
Having self-control will get you further than constantly reacting to everything that’s trying to test your patience.
Center yourself and remain calm in difficult or challenging situations.