True me.. Tap-1039..

It’s important to give back, because if you never stand up for what you believe in, nobody else is going to.
What if you’re here on this earth to help make an important discovery, but you didn’t value your thoughts enough to do anything?

Stand up for the things you believe in, live a life that is meaningful to you, and make sure you can sleep at night knowing you’re doing your part to make this world a better place.
There’s no time like the present.

Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.

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Be silent if your words will offend a person.
Be silent if your words convey the wrong impression.
Be silent in the heat of anger.
Be silent when you are feeling critical.

True me.. Tap-986..

Always be the best person you can be.
Be kind even when you’re tired.
Be understanding even when you’re angry.
Do more than you’re asked, and don’t ask for anything in return.
Don’t silently expect anything either.
Listen when someone talks, and really listen too, stop just thinking of how you’ll reply.
Tell people that you love them and that you appreciate them.
Go out of your way to do things for people.
Be the greatest person you can possibly be and when you mess up, make up for it in the next moment or minute or day.

One thing you should never do?
Never spend your time trying to prove to anybody that you’re great, your actions will speak for themselves and we only have limited time on this earth, don’t waste it.

If someone doesn’t see your light, don’t worry.
Like moths, good people are attracted to flame and to light, and they will come.

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True me.. Tap-842..

Your impact on other people is bigger than you think.
Someone still giggles when they think of that funny thing you said.
Someone still smiles when they think of the compliment you gave them.
Someone silently admires you.
The advice you give has made a difference for people.
The support and love you’ve offered others has made someone’s day.
Your input and opinions have made someone think twice.
You’re not insignificant and forgotten.
Your existence makes a positive difference, whether you see it or not.
You just have to remain truthful & consistent with the way you are.
You are unique & beautiful. Be you.

(This video got nothing to do with the post above. It’s talking about obesity problem in USA. 2 out of every 3 US citizens are either overweight or obese, 1 is obese. And last 1 left is in tiktok i guess.😂 I am not surprised actually. If you eat Egg Mcmuffin & french fries with starbucks coffee for breakfast, what else do you expect! People drive miles to buy crappy fastfood & gain weight, then they talk about pollution & body positivity. Sadly this trend is slowly spreading in UK & Europe, but i am also happy that so many of those american fastfood chains aren’t present here so far. I can talk about life in Cardiff & Berlin, very few people prefer to eat out often. Even if they want to, at least we have an option to choose a full monty english breakfast/doner kebab/vegan avocado toast & natty acai bowl with enough lean meat/eggs/mushroom/vegetables/nuts/oats/berries/fruits at an affordable price. No offence to anyone reading from USA. I have cousins & friends in Cali, i tease them about being fat or fab everyday.😜)

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Be silent or let thy words be worth more than silence. The oldest shortest words: “YES & NO” are those which require the most thought.

– Pythagoras.

True me..Tap-174..

If you feel neglected/rejected by me; please stop thinking that way, it’s just that I have no time for bullshit.

LOVE or HATE, both are a 2 way interaction. I can’t fight. That’s why I don’t hate, I just move on from any kinda mess silently.

Tap OUT..😘


In a relationship if someone is not moving up with time; just move forward with your life towards your goals & success, with or without them. You need a better you tomorrow. If deserving & you both are meant to be together, the other person will step up to catch up.

Meditation!! Do it!!👍

Meditation doesn’t mean you have to disconnect from world, clean your mind, go silent or so many more such bullshits. It means; “your shit is yours, deal with it comfortably one by one slowly but surely”.

Now my comfortable part is listening to linkin park songs & scream those lyrics wearing a boxer shorts in my bedroom after taking a shower. I find solutions to all problems during that while.

Tap OUT..😘


Some people put a front like they are happy as fuck, without any such gain. If you have sorrow or some emotions inside, pour it out to seem like a legit human.

You can’t catch a fish without hook. Stop damaging your own brain with mindgames.

True me.. Tap-46..

People may hurt, scold, betray, abuse & break your heart. Stay strong, don’t behave like a pussy. Everything happens for a reason. Your other side is earning their karma by misusing you. At the end someone beautiful is coming to clean all & adore you for what you are. Your Truth & goodness will be rewarded at any cost. Stay positive, vibe right.

Tap OUT..😘

Break UP SEX!! Really??

Apparently my friends were suggesting to go on a banging spree last time when I told them about breaking up with a person who felt flat on standing on her ground to be a human. I just exited that part because that wasn’t serving me. If a relationship isn’t making you happy; you don’t need to break up from that person, you just need to come out from the bullshit they are trying to sell you. The day they will understand their own value, that person will figure out what’s best for them & you figure out what’s best for you.

In the name of break up, don’t go for stupid rebound sex bullshit. Some even end up in friends with benefits situations which attract more complications. That lowers your standard as a human even further. I make sure there is some standard in a person even when it’s a one night stand. That girl wasn’t even worth it. That was my reason for break up.

(Not gonna mention further details)

Tap my thoughts.. 13

Life is like a concert. Don’t go ahead & argue/fight with/for somebody towards any reason good or bad, it’s like you are stopping your own fun by wasting time on someone else who is all about negative vibe.

True me.. Tap-45..

Since the day you are born till today, all your actions are already written by your almighty. Call it destiny or call it your lifepath.

The only thing you can do is; understand your heart/head’s call & put it under logic to understand the truth, just follow it. You know where to move. Don’t prefer to live under regrets. You deserve happiness & love in your life. Smile..

Tap OUT..🤗

True me.. Tap-44..

I am a nice fucker. In case you see me being a dick towards someone; please don’t judge, that piece of shit deserves even worse.

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Tap my thoughts.. 11

If you can’t speak your TRUTH, expect me to treat you like a rubbish. I smell liars. I fucking don’t care whether you are dead or alive, there is no place for you to live in my world of happiness & positivity.

Spot & Outsmart a NARCISSIST..

Sometimes you think or feel, the other side would change so that things could go well. & Guess what it would be nice if that happened. But there comes a point when we realize, this person has a past track record so long that any hope or change at this moment would be part of denial what’s really happening. That’s the first trait to recognise a NARCISSIST.

The truth is if we want change to happen, it has to start with us. I am not putting the blame on anyone. The only person you can change is yourself. Insanity does the same expecting change. They will never put that cold silent treatment aside. Realize that it’s in your power to being torment to pattern & understand being happy with or without them.

Recognise the pattern & these specific two things;

1. When you are trying to begging, pleading, crying or apologizing, you know what your motive is. But you have to know that narcissist’s motive too. Your motive is to end that toxic dynamic for peace & stop making them treat as if somebody doesn’t exist. But you are doing everything that a narcissist wants you to do. Their motive is to feed on your drama. There are numbers of reasons they didn’t like what you had to say that you called them out for something, maybe they are bored and things have been too quiet and they need some kind of irritation around. Their only motive is to feed off of your emotion when we make efforts to make peace with them. They are not gonna think like “they want peace, so let’s have peace after all everybody wants that”. But narcissists are allergic to peace, happiness & healthy love. So they run away from that, also they don’t think the other people think. When someone is apologizing to you, “you feel wow now they know i feel bad of something, now I am sorted from this”. But a narcissist never thinks like that, when someone apologizes they think “oh see I am right, look there his/her admission of guilt”. Whatever you say to them will be used against you even an apology. This is their power trip, you are allowing yourself to feel tortured. Their thoughts at this point are “I must be really important, look how much he/she is suffering just because I am not giving them attention, wow it’s been 17 hours & they are just getting worse, they need me like the air they breathe, they are nothing without me, that’s how amazing I am”. This is what they think usually.

If you feel crying will touch their heart, it won’t.
If you think pleading is going to get through, it won’t.
If you think showing yourself to be tortured by what they are doing will somehow touch their empathy, it won’t. You are not dealing with a person that has empathy, that’s why the silent treatment goes so long. It’s a hard pill of truth to swallow when you realize what’s inside them. But you have to realise that.

2. Now the second part of stopping the silent treatment forever. That has to do with us. All of us allow ourselves to feel tortured allowing ourselves to be in anguish begging pleading trying to make peace because we had a wrong thought. We thought we needed this person to show me their approval to love me to know I am likeable & I am a good person. Maybe we aren’t thinking the same actually, but that’s what our actions are showing. We are raised in a environment where we are taught “your value only comes after external validation”. You know nothing else over that, that’s your subconscious programming. We all are carrying it out even without realizing it. Everyone wants their significant other to value & see their worth, to love & cherish them. Everyone should want that. But we don’t need that in order to know we are valuable beautiful & amazing people. It’s too late to know even before you realize the person you are with is treating your emotions as if you are dead. Their view of you is actually your view of you. So basically you are super codependent. You depended on that person’s validation, approval, forgiveness & expressions of love to know you are lovable. Your subconscious programming is pushing you towards only stupidity that this narcissistic mindset wants to feed him/her.

Let’s talk about things to get rid of all negativity that we just discussed. Four words “self love, self worth, self confidence, self value”. If you don’t know where to start, let me help you. Begin feeding your self love. Then when the silent treatment comes, do these few things.

A- Observe, don’t absorb. Next time notice that silent treatment, see how it goes again. That narcissist wants your emotions, your pain & drama. Don’t give them that. Just see it, smile or laugh inside. It’s basically a pattern of their usual life.

B- Respond, don’t react. You don’t have to beg someone to converse with you. You don’t have to plead or force them to. They are allowed to have that toxic behaviour if they choose. But you are allowed to stay healthy & engage yourself in what makes you proud of yourself or empowered. Just reply “Looks like you don’t wanna talk right now, that’s fine, you are allowed to be quiet if you want.” Cut off the supply of emotions.

C- Don’t ask yourself what the narcissist/that toxic person needs. “What they need, what they want, why are they doing or behaving this way, what can I do to stop it.” No. No. No. You are gonna ask only one question “what do I need to stay calm & happy”. Don’t go towards that codependent thinking again. Don’t think you can only be ok if they stop being toxic, that’s a lie. Ask yourself what do you need right now to feel good. Go to gym and sweat it out, eat some nice food, watch a movie, workout at home, read a book, take a bath, practice meditation, go out for a walk, walk your dog, talk to your friends or family on phone. Stop allowing that person to make you happy.

This silent treatment is going to be over in a while. I promise. Don’t wait for that silent treatment to take over you again. Learn to be happy with or without them. A narcissistic mindset is just a result of certain situations they went through. Yes they need help but they need to accept it to get better. A narcissist always knows when, how & where to hide. Actually they are the weakest mindset & with lowest ever self esteem which kicks them to behave so. Don’t fight with them, you work on your self healing. A narcissist changes when the surroundings stop valuing that in them. Start should be you.