True me.. Tap-409..

So many of you must be thinking “2020 what a motherfucking menace!!”. For a moment I too thought the same during third week of March. Later I don’t know how/why everything seems so easy & exciting. I have switched my address to 6 cities & 4 different countries in my recent past. Few because of my job, last two for business & studies. This covid-19 lockdown gave me enough time to rejuvenate & realign with myself. The best part is “I got rid or everything & everyone that’s cheap”.

It’s an amazing feeling when you grow strong while growing your business & skills even more stronger. Life is not an option, it’s a choice. Choose to live with your full spirit & joy. I love that love which loves me lovingly for what I am for real. I have said it before & saying it again “FRIENDS ARE MY FESTIVALS”. I am an outrageous extrovert by nature. Socializing with friends & new people are my everyday dinner plans. I am happy to share I never got a house big enough to welcome all my friends, I wish this never changes. I have a big bold beautiful different 3*5=15 minutes long surprise brewing to showcase. Hopefully before next birthday I will have something to talk & reveal.🎵😘

Purpose first people next.
Tap OUT..🤗

True me.. Tap-408..

Each time I see myself in mirror I see a strong yet stubborn stupid Tap & then I make sure I leave this dumbass behind before moving towards tomorrow. I have no issues in accepting I am wrong at million different situations of life. Somehow those bad days helped me come in touch with my flip side. Nothing is wasted. My only pride is “I am true to myself & every single one who came in touch with me”. Yes it took me long to reach this place & I respect myself for this tiny pride/arrogance I got.

I am a thick skinned person & there are reasons behind it. My opinions are raw unfiltered & they will remain the same forever.

Tap OUT..🤗