True me.. Tap-1223..

Don’t get stuck.
Move, travel, take a class, take a risk.
There is a season for wildness and a season for settledness, and this is neither.
This season is about becoming.
Choose to become something big.
Don’t lose yourself at happy hour, but don’t lose yourself on the top of success either.
Stop every once in a while and go out to coffee or climb in bed with your journal.
Now is your time.

Walk closely with people you love.
Don’t get stuck in the past, and don’t try to fast-forward yourself into a future you haven’t yet earned.
Give today all the love and intensity and courage you can, and keep travelling honestly along life’s path.

Tap OUT..✌️

True me.. Tap-1115..

So you want to be happy?
Then stop letting the smallest things ruin your whole entire day.
If you’re bored with your daily routine, do something unexpected.
Stop complaining about how alone you are when you’re surrounded by people who actually care about you.
Forget all the drama and let go of all the grudges you’ve been holding.
Stop wasting time lingering over all that you could have, should have and would have done.
Stop spending your days thinking of how much better you could do; stop longing for something that has been and always will be out of your reach.
Just live the days as they come.
Wake up every morning and smile at the wonderful day that awaits you.
Take a risk for once.
Let yourself be happy, because you deserve it.

Tap OUT..✌️


If there’s even a slight chance of getting something that will make you happy, risk it.
Life’s too short.
And happiness is too rare.

– A.R. Lucas.

(This instagram post got nothing to do with the post above. Right person got the clue why it’s there.)😜

True me.. Tap-939..

Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.

We learn by trying, by pushing the envelope fearlessly with conviction.
It’s better to try and fail than to imagine what would have happened.
The what if’s can be debilitating.

Don’t hold back on what matters to you.
See how much of yourself you can give.
See how far you can go.
Try your hardest to have the life you want today so you never have future regrets.

Ask yourself this question today;
What can you do today to create the life you want tomorrow?

Tap OUT..✌️


If there’s even a slight chance of getting something that will make you happy, risk it. Life’s too short, happiness is lived in moments and such moments are too rare.

Live what makes you feel alive.

True me.. Tap-434..

There are tons of motivational videos which talk about taking risks & leave that 9 to 5 job to fetch your dreams. Most men see it, start something they wish getting their adrenaline pumped for exact 7 days & then give up whatever they started mourning/regretting what they lost after facing FAILURE. That’s how we lose some real people coming forward with genuine ideas/intrest/breakthrough towards solving problems. When you want something in life, first sit down & have a heart to heart conversation with yourself. Being real is way more important compared to being optimistic or persistent for that matter.

Let me tell you how I roll!! I am not a believer in this risk taking bullshit, bullshit because I have never done anything like this. I know myself & I take a long long time to trust someone/something. When my businesses & career are concerned, I only follow tried & tested methods. I must understand it fully before investing myself into it. That’s the reason I am aware I can/will do something better than others but I am never gonna do/invent something drastically new which isn’t present already. Does that make me an inferior person who isn’t interested to take risks!!? If NO, that’s good. If YES, even better because I have no time to give shit. I see myself growing as a person while feeding my bank account some good dose of benjamins everyday. Most important part is: I am HAPPY with what I do. Still suggestions & positive constructive inputs are welcome but accepting them will always remain my choice.

A bit about this boy/men adrenaline driven mindset I mentioned in first paragraph!! Challenge me to run 5km without stopping, bake a pizza in 20 minutes, design a stupid website like this within 20 minutes to embarass my bestie bitch because of our previous day fight, do 100 push-ups or 50 pull-ups, skateboarding without wearing helmets or knee pads in southbank skateboard park, all these take bit of balls to pull off. Have I done it all?? My closest friends can answer this. You can challenge me to surf in rain or go deep inside sea till some shark bites my butt, all these adrenaline thumping moves portray a boy/men packs bit badassery because we have designed a society like this around us. Sometimes it’s totally OK to say “I CAN’T DO THIS” & save yourself from being stupid. (This shark biting butt & surfing under rain incidents already happened with me, that too for a challenge of 50 quids with a russie mofo. Ivan, fuck yourself).

We all must take self introspection bit seriously. That helps us in understanding limits of our strength & capabilities.

Tap OUT..🤗

Dianabol: The harsh Truth of fitness..

There are no shortcuts for fitness, muscle building or fatloss. It’s a life long ongoing process which will take immense amount of hardwork & dedication.

Now. Let’s jump to the topic; What’s dianabol?

Answer: The chemical name of this thing is METHANDROSTENOLONE. It’s an answer of USA to Russia. It all started to win more number of Olympic medals. When Russia (Soviet union at that time) won too many medals in 1940-50 using testosterones; an pharmaceutical company in USA called CEBA discovered this shit in 1958. All American athletes started performing like a pro in Olympics. Then, you know what’s happening. 
Dianabol is a extension to something like artificial testosterone derived drug.

What are the side effects: 

1. Androgenic side effects. Which results to acne, baldness, skin rashes, voice cord damage, hair issues & clitoris longing (in women).

2. Estogenic side effects. Body water retention, Methene level push.

3. Cardiovascular. Imbalance in LDL & HDL. It increases the bad cholesterol levels in your body. It clogs the blood vessels.

4. Testosterone. I am talking about natural testosterone. The entire testosterone levels of body will drop. Which results in impotency most of the time. Natural hormonal imbalance.

5. Hepatotoxicity. Dianabol is a composition of C17: alpha alkylated anabolic steroid. It has a toxic nature which damages liver at a rapid 3000% percent fast rate.

Last suggestion & request: Just stay away from this drug or any supplements which is connected to this shit. Life is more fruitful the natural way. Let’s make this world of fitness drugfree together.