True me.. Tap-511..

Just as a farmer plants seeds and expects a period of harvest, whatever you sow- you will also reap. Whatever you do unto people will eventually be done unto you. When you choose to treat people right, you will also discover they often reciprocate & behave more positively towards you too. It may take time as seeds often take time to grow, but your words/actions/thoughts eventually always yield their harvest. They may return to you as love, money or happiness.

You should therefore be kind & courteous to people irrespective of circumstances. Remember your actions or even your reactions will comeback to you somehow. As you sow, so shall you reap.

Tap OUT..🤗

True me.. Tap-66..

OK. Five things that even my closest friends still don’t know about me.

1. I am a primitive cooking expert.

2. Even looking at you from a 100 meter distance, I can understand what kind of a person you are & where you are heading with that attitude towards life. The more silent you are, the more information you are radiating. A person walking on center or extreme of a sidewalk also screams about his/her personality.

3. I only share that much information about myself which is pre-decided & true.

4. You can’t influence me anything. I respect all and follow my TRUTH.

5. I don’t have a pride or ego alive in me. But in case you wanna know me more, self-respect needs to be reciprocated equally.

Stay happy & happening..
Tap OUT..💪