True me.. Tap-694..

Taking control of your thoughts is not always easy, it takes strength. But, just like anyone can become physically strong – anyone can become mentally strong through effort and practice. At first, taking control of your thoughts may feel difficult, but it’ll begin to feel natural with practice.

As your journey progresses, you will find the practice of taking control of your thoughts and fixing your mind on goodness, abundance, and hope to be an integral part of experiencing the fulfillment of dreams.
Because we live in our thoughts and while we cannot always handpick our experiences and the circumstances we encounter, we can shape our circumstances to benefit us with our thoughts.

So go get it, give your best, work hard and let your purpose drive you to take control of your thoughts. There’s magic in your bones. Move with joy.

Tap OUT..👍

True me.. Tap-414..

Find out that one thing in life you love doing irrespective of time & what people say. If you make money out of it, that’s another bonus. If you can’t monetize it, pat yourself because you are still doing something that you love to do.

In my case; I love staying fit & I have a mad lust towards sneakers, hoodies and watches. I sell whey protein supplements & athleisure clothes because I understand the market of being fit and being on fleek. Now this one is my anger or rant whatever, “Why the fuck there is an Air Jordan 1 low in Nike’s official website?” That’s the only thing which looks uglier than denim on denim. Jordan means high top, they must remain exactly like that till armageddon hits this planet. Open this link to see this ugly piece of shit I am talking about. And yes back to my post, I still love working as a data analytics professional for few big clients from MNCs. It took me a huge chunk of life to earn an engineering bachelor’s degree & buy a master’s business management degree right after that(JK😝), happily milking my skills to yield some nice wonga. I love studies, still pursuing my doctorate. Some day in 2023 or 2024 my only excitement will be “Tap” became “Dr.Tap”.🤣

We all have a dream & we fear to live that. Keep on asking yourself “What makes you feel alive!!”, all answers to your happiness lies there. Being happy or great is nothing but living your purpose & passion.

Tap OUT..🤗