True me.. Tap-1533..

The more you act out what you wish to see in the world, the more you’ll inspire others to do the same.
It really is that simple.
If you want to change, you have to be the change that’s needed.

Make a list of things you believe in and don’t be afraid to stand up for what you’re passionate about.
Be the change you wish to see in the world.


True me.. Tap-1532..

Give yourself permission to do it badly at first.
Improve as you go.
Don’t aim for perfection.
PERFECTION doesn’t exist.

Perfectionism is a form of procrastination.
If you give into it, it will hold you back from fully expressing yourself and kill your creative energy.


True me.. Tap-1517..


Your mental health,
Your health,
Your well-being,
Your boundaries,
Your happiness,
Your worth,
Your goals,
Your much needed rest,
Your purpose.


True me.. Tap-1490..

8 Things to remember when going through tough times:

1. Everything can and will change.
2. You’ve overcome challenges before.
3. It’s a learning experience.
4. Not getting what you want can be a blessing.
5. Allow yourself to have some fun.
6. Being kind to yourself is the best medicine.
7. Other people’s negativity isn’t worth worrying about.
8. And there is always, always, always something to be thankful for.


True me.. Tap-1486..

Learn to say;
That’s on you.
Your behavior is on you.
The way you move is on you.
The choices you make are all on you.
The way you live it’s all on you.

Stop absorbing the pain of other people, recognize what belongs to you and what doesn’t.

Hardships in our lives is common among people, but victimhood is a choice.
Stay away from anyone who supports or chooses victim mentality.


True me.. Tap-1437..

Each day the world turns and the sun rises,
babies are born and the elderly pass,
children grow and adults learn,
books are written and songs are sung,
countries unite and nations fight,
people suffer and people recover.

So to think that today’s troubles are permenant is a sign that you are not aware of just how everchanging our lives actually are and just how incredible this existence is.
Life changes for better & you gotta live yours.
Be you. (Not my words.)


True me.. Tap-1436..

Constantly analyze yourself.
Figure out why certain things upset you.
Question your own motives.
Understand your behavior.
This creates a pathway for change.

Acknowledging why you do the things you do is the first step in shifting out of toxic patterns.


True me.. Tap-1424..

There is so much abundance, success, and happiness available to you.
Work for what you want.
Crave it.
Consume it.

Do what it takes to create what you need.
On the journey you will lose, you will be told no, but that doesn’t mean you’re not worthy.
Success is a choice, choose it.


True me.. Tap-1116..

6 Ways to fill your LIFE with PROSPERITY:

1. Make a personal commitment to add more value than you are paid for in your work/business relationships.

2. Live out of your imagination rather than out of your memory by constantly envisioning yourself having all you want.

3. Get in the habit of blessing your money and silently hoping that it helps the person you give it to.

4. Spend one hour this week journaling about your beliefs around money so that you heighten your awareness as to any blocks and resistance to having more.

5. In your journal make a collage of images showing others living the life you want.

6. Become the most giving person you know.

Tap OUT..✌️

True me.. Tap-956..

If you tell a skiier to don’t lose balance or don’t get hit by a tree, they definitely will. So their trainer usually tells them to follow the path & nothing more.

Our Human brains are so stupid that we can’t comprehend the NEGATIVE.
For example;
If i tell you to not think about an elephant, you can’t follow that one.
Didn’t you just think about an elephant right right now?

Life is like that & most people are exactly like that.
The people who worry too much about failure/betrayal/getting cheated/behaving bad are the ones who usually do all those negative things as their first line of defence.
And later overthinking makes everything worse with time.

Just become confident & stay consistent on your journey, i believe you can do that.
Confident & consistent with your thoughts/mindset.
Confident & consistent with communication/behaviour.
Confident & consistent with your lifestyle/habit/choices/goals.
Confident & consistent with the way you live.
You don’t need different stories for different people.
In short, you don’t need that negativity to prosper inside you.
Follow the path of light. Life is fun, let it flourish.

Tap OUT..✌️


I always cheer for my people.
I was raised to believe there’s enough sun for everybody.
Sun symbolises happiness, prosperity & warmth.

And my name TAPAN means SUN in Sanskrit language.
Sending loads of good vibes your way.✌️