True me.. Tap-908..

Sincerity and faithfulness are two of the most fundamental values in life.
Without these ideals the world loses its meaning.
Every day I try my best to be genuine to myself, my friends & my family.

What are your values?
Make sure your daily actions align with your morals and belief system.
Hold faithfulness and sincerity as first principles.

(This video got nothing to do with the post above. Watch it & don’t ask me why i like Key & Peele!)

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Dharma Rakshati Rakshitah..

Dharma Rakshati Rakshitah means; if you protect Dharma, then Dharma will protect you.

Dharma means Reet, or Cosmic principles or eternal principles which upholds life in this universe. These principles includes, Truth, Compassion and love towards all life, Which is Godly.
By love & Truth whole creation is bound together. Truth to speak whatever seen or understood as it is. Truth is God.

(This is a quote from Mahabharata, an Indian ancient holy scripture)