True me.. Tap-218..

You don’t need to believe in Zodiac signs or Horoscope till your life gets involved with another person, name it a RELATIONSHIP/LOVE or even with BUSINESS/WORK SITUATIONS. You can be the strongest ever individual till someone becomes capable enough to explore/exploit you physically/emotionally & fucks your sanity. Zodiac sign pairs matter for a reason.

Just an example; Barack Obama is a Leo & Michelle Obama is Capricorn. That’s a POWER COUPLE, you know who’s the lion & who’s his queen in this relationship. Now towards current US president Donald Trump who’s a Gemini & Melania Trump who’s a Taurus, I will let you decide who’s the DICK & who’s PUSSY in this equation!!?😜

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True me.. Tap-208..

It’s pouring outside like crazy & weather/room temperature is in single digit celsius. While browsing random TV channels in my hotel at 2am, accidentally got hit by FOX news. I found out two new things that night; Donald Trump is the best president of USA ever & my dick is little over 3-feet long. Trust me, Both True.

(Sharing a tiny experience from my last trip).

Tap OUT..😜

OK. What’s the takeaway?

A German daily said: 90% India is dirty. OK, Now Indians must agree to that, just peek through your window & the answer is there. Yeah, not 90 but it’s 55 maybe. Things are improving after New prime minister (Narendra Modi) took the seat, but internet & Hollywood is still happy looking at dirty India pictures (Not their fault).

About racial attacks over turks, street vendors & dark skin people by German mobs; Yeah that too needs an legal update.

The world is moving towards a global village, if people to people communication will reflect in the equation between diplomatic relations of two countries; the rest world is going to laugh at both. & Media people mustn’t portray such stupid instances to gain a momentum over other.

(All these shit is cooking during the visit of German president Frank-Walter Steinmeier to India). German opposition party is talking about their president losing strength & popularity, trust me that’s really new like my nephew pooping over my Jordans. They just forgot to talk money & investments this time. Because at current economic scenario both countries need that.