True me.. Tap-337..

There is a PATTERN when you see big entrepreneurs or the entire lot of richest business persons. The pattern is the urge to work towards SOLVING A PROBLEM. It’s a PURPOSE which drives a man towards SUCCESS. Someone tried to make the best online shopping experience. Someone tried to build the best operating system for our computer. Someone tried to sum the entire internet under a search engine. After achieving what they wanted, these people are still working on making it bigger better. This is the storyline of Amazon, Microsoft, Google, Facebook & ton of such other companies.

You can call their owners/CEOs rich or greedy, they don’t care much. Few among us are driven by a purpose to build. This kind of humans usually turn into a self-invested genius (understand the difference between self-invested & selfish) or a reliable resourceful philanthropist at some point of their life. When a purpose is achieved, your soul gives you permission to rest & relax.

Tap OUT..👍