Don’t talk sex, ex, religion & self exclusionary or derogatory shit on your first date, if you want a second one.. 😉

Happy singles day..

(To my friends on the other part of this world)..

Happy Diwali to everyone!!

To all my friends who aren’t brown, please don’t get puzzled with the post heading. Diwali is a festival known to our religion (Hinduism) in a land called “INDIA”. Yes, I am away from home since ages & I don’t even remember when I celebrated it with family last time.

(If you believe in religion/mythology/history/tales; somewhere close to 7300B.C, this is the day Lord Rama’s coronation ceremony took place as the King of Ayodhya after his return to the kingdom from 14 years of exile.)

FYI it’s celebrated as the win of GOOD over the EVIL or the win of LIGHT over DARKNESS. Diwali is a Hindi word, which means the festival of lights.