True me.. Tap-1354..

Don’t let your life go by unnoticed.
Life is made of moments full of beauty and magic, waiting for us to notice.
You must not let the distractions and busyness keep you from experiencing everything this beautiful life has to offer.
Get out into nature, slow it all down.
Watch more sunrises with the only intent of watching the sun gloriously rise.
Look at your partner’s face deeply and tenderly, with the only intent of truly seeing them.

When life feels like it’s spinning around you and you can’t catch up, return to the beautiful moment of now, where everything is exactly as it should be.
Notice your breathing, notice where you are tense.
Release. Breathe. Feel. Notice.
(Not my words.)

Tap OUT..✌️

True me.. Tap-831..

Life is a funny little process.
Because sometimes you find yourself when you least expect it.
Sometimes you let go when you don’t even notice you’re letting go.
And sometimes the right people find you on the days you need them the most.
Sometimes everything just clicks.
Because the universe is always in your favor.
It is always looking out for your best interest.
Always making sure you get the lessons and gifts you need.
Have faith in your progress because, progress is a gradual consistent process.
Life is fun, let it be.

(This music video got nothing to do with the post above. Next few words are for my bestfriend DEMI, pardon your RUDEY/TAPPIE/GOLDEN BEAR/LION KING. This song was on loop 3 times & my neighbour girl was vibing looking hella sassy 🔥🔥🔥 in a bit to short denim shorts. You know my hands have their own life while dancing & I can’t get over athletic caucasian girls. Yes i hate you, actually i love your fit 🍑 little more than i like you.😂🤪 Missing your voice & vibe. No matter who’s around, you own the biggest chunk of my head & heart till i am single. Pick me from Matt’s place, office dinner tomorrow & my eyes are wide open to devour your A-game.😋
I won’t leave it open, you know I’m on on go.
Moving too fast, you know I’m on on go).

Tap OUT..✌️