True me.. Tap-580..

So it’s valentine’s day today & even though i don’t believe in such bullshit, i am still writing a tiny post to elaborate my opinion on this nonsense. Have you ever seen a kid who’s super excited for christmas!?! You must have seen, 99% kids are like that. And then there is rest 1% weird type of 4 year old kids who say “SANTA IS FAKE”. The second weird one’s parents already know their kid will definitely become a engineer/doctor/scientist someday. Now i am coming back to topic of valentine’s day. Just like SANTA CLAUS was marketed by rich newyorkers as the face of CHRISTMAS, Valentine’s day is another such gimmick which exists in our society as if it’s a ritual. And yes i don’t believe in it.

What bugs me the most is this question; “TAP, WHAT’S YOUR TYPE!!”. Almost all girls i know in my university have asked this question to me. Some have asked out of curiosity, some asked for romantic reasons. My answer is; I don’t have any type. I don’t have certain set of criterias to pick a girl whom i wanna date. The reason behind it is; i never wanted a girl just because i want a relationship, but I definitely want a relationship if i want someone specific. I am hella slow in such matters. I love taking my sweet time. Still pretty much in love with my bank account. But soon or sooner i definitely want to belong to the one whom i am sold to. Very few of my friends know whom i am mentioning when i say ZK, It’s still a work in progress. A truthful consistent person is the burning desire, that’s all & that’s enough. For those who believe; Happy valentine’s day.

Tap OUT..😘