True me.. Tap-360..

Your abilities are unlimited till the time you keep on mastering your SKILLS. And SUCCESS is nothing but the maximum utilisation of SKILLS you got. Abilities & desires must become the driving force towards accomplishments. It’s only you who can count own capabilities, others will judge you by what you have already achieved or already failed with. Understand your skills & abilities, differenciate the ways how to use them.

The point of typing this previous paragraph today is to remind myself “I do what I love to do”. In this space; I know little bit about blogging, coding, seo, wordpress & machine learning. I wanna use some of my skills to do something different than my comfort zone. It’s a news website with help of wordpress, some plugins, google cloud, few AI algorithms & automation. Let’s set a target to make 200 dollars adsense revenue & some more quids from affiliate links every single day, hope to achieve it all before 2020 is over. Organic traffic takes time & I am in no rush. See you on 30-July-2020. Click here

Tap OUT..🤗