True me.. Tap-393..

I still dance to some Usher & Linkin park songs wearing a boxer shorts while making breakfast pancakes. Current playlist keeps changing though. The reason is they sooth my nerves before starting a day & that heals the pain in my muscles which came from morning workout. I am that person who can’t just sit down & enjoy a song. My songs either make me do workout or dance. No matter how good or bad my days are, workout & dance both are included in my day-to-day schedule. That’s where my happiness lies (Yep forgot to mention MONEY, that’s my religion). Life becomes easy with few favourite tracks in playlist.

People are OK to kill happiness easily, but take long long time to kill sadness. Being creative with anything takes lot of joy & love. You have to be in LOVE with life to create a better tomorrow for yourself. You enhance it with little bit music, dance, adventures, skills, knowledge & some amazing stories you live. Sometimes words fail to bring emotions to it’s place, but music does that easily. Words feed mind where MUSIC feeds soul helping you move towards your purpose.

Tap OUT..😘

Have a look, you might like few coz they are quite good or you are totally allowed to judge my taste in music. I take negative inputs as seriously as my dog used to take my command of “No pee in parks” till he was potty trained.

This screenshot of my current playlist has nothing to do with the post above. And yeah I have a huge respect in my ass for slow romantic songs, in my eyes they manipulate human mindset & that’s why there is a huge market of HEARTBREAK related bullshit. I listen songs to celebrate, they have to be loud & they must pack a happening hook to it. No songs remind me of nobody. I don’t have any such special person or part of life baked into a song. But I remember scoring few adoranal during spring break holidays, some Florida songs were blasting.👍