True me..Tap-171..

There are people who think someone will approach for a relationship & life will be all rose pink after that. We are living in the world where one swipe left/right, you meet someone. And next day that person is gone to someone else or better.

My philosophy is; I am building myself. I get along with strong headed or loyal heart people. The one who wants me will get me & not stop fighting till mission accomplished. Life is like 80% work & 20% rest bullshit. That’s how I roll. A romantic relationship is not the goal of anyone’s life. You don’t need LOVE to spoon or fuck. It depends on your morals how you entertain people. Build a TRUE amazing self before asking a stable secure relationship.

Tap OUT..👍

What’s wrong with today??

Woke up & i saw the Mission Impossible Fallout trailer was dropped, awesome.

Before an hour, Avengers Infinity war Big GameSpot dropped. 40 superheroes in 30 seconds. I can assure Thanos will be fucked.

Solo: A star wars story official teaser. This one is gonna be a dope chapter again.

Dwayne Johnson (The Rock): this guy looks like a tank as always in this trailer of his upcoming movie SKYSCRAPER. He has mastered the art of making money & making it big. No One is able to reach this far, starting from WWF to WWE, then to Hollywood; this man just sparkles INSPIRATION. His movie is talking something serious this time.

& This one is the holy grail on top of all. Jurassic Park-The fallen Kingdom Trailer; You can wank today talking nothing else than Hollywood.

I am a movie buff. This is an stupid excitement in me which made me type this long not-so-worthy post. Oh, That Saturday i wanted to watch a movie while touching/kissing you in some good bad parts of you. (DJ specific post)