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Please don’t take shots if you aren’t single and i consider those single who have healed their heart from past mess while raising own standards. It takes few months to work on yourself. Don’t be a desperate moron.

People come with past baggages & bunch of lies. I can unmask you in a minute & you will regret that. My intuition & morals are way stronger compared to your loose trousers, I never mess with TRUTH.

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Those who think minute is a really short time, please try a 2 minute plank. I wanna how whether you have a strong gut or a shitty mindset.

Jay Shetty on Time.. I am wowed.. Thank you again brother..

Time: You can’t keep it, but you can spend it.

Time is very slow for those who want, fast for those who are scared, very long for those who are sad, very short for those who celebrate & ETERNAL for those who love.