True me.. Tap-565..

There are a bunch of people who say & believe “LOOKS DOESN’T MATTER”. I strongly oppose that idea of “neglecting to take care of your appearance”. To some this may seem superficial. But the time and effort you put into your appearance often reflect your inherent values towards your relationship.

Let me explain; if you stop making an effort to look after yourself, it comes across as though you do not have any enthusiasm or focus on improving yourself. It also cultivates the idea that looking good for your partner isn’t of great importance to you. This lack of care could make things turn sour after a while, especially if your partner is a more focused individual who feels that self-image is an integral part of who they are. Nobody’s age number is moving backwards. Being fitness concious & fashion forward with your taste is a lifestyle choice which makes you an exciting individual. Looks does matter. A person’s aesthetics is enticing and interest in personal hygiene is a major turn on.

Tap OUT..💪