True me.. Tap-288..

Even though i get enough attention to exit my singlehood status, romantic feelings are not my best suit. I have immense amount of emotions towards babies & puppies. My priority is me right now. I know how to read people & their approach. Not at my best yet, can’t settle for something/someone which/who is not the BEST.

(Ssssshhhhhhhh Polish bum, it’s a scheduled post & i wrote it way way way back.)

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True me.. Tap-285..

You build your CHARACTER with GOOD HABITS, TRUTH & POSITIVE actions towards it. That decides your worth, you can’t fake it to anyone.

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True me.. Tap-283..

Learn how to FOLLOW before you LEAD. Some lessons are so basic that you don’t need a teacher. CONFIDENCE is one such thing. When a LEADER shows lack of confidence, followers lack commitment.

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True me.. Tap-281..

There are two secrets of a successful person nobody wants to talk about; TRUTHFUL MINDSET & LOYALTY.

SUCCESS is a recipe made with perfecting the hard work you put into the process disregarding all the failures you came across while being truthful & loyal to the people who work for you.

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True me.. Tap-280..

Be HUMBLE & NICE to people. Be GRATEFUL if you are SMART. LIFE is too short to be a DICK. SMILE only when the other side person is ready to accept it. Don’t create a pattern of lies or deceit with your shitty behaviour while building yourself.

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True me.. Tap-279..

We are what we do repeatedly. Excellence, strength, success, expertise, brilliance, truth, lie, deceit, arrogance, ego; neither one is accidental nor an act. All are a HABIT, exactly how you carved yourself.

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True me.. Tap-277..

Unexpected texts/calls brighten up the mood instantly.

If this line is true, I get that unexpected attention whole day..

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True me.. Tap-276..

Life is a huge exciting thing, so is LOVE. We enter & entertain a relationship with motive to grow bigger better with someone amazing. Make sure that ride is fun-filled at every step. People without a happening life can’t make it to a long-term togetherness.

Now that I said all these things to put a strain on your brain, let me suggest one more thing “KEEP WALKING TOWARDS YOUR OWN STABILITY, LOVE FUCKS EVERYONE BEFORE YOU FUCK YOUR LOVE“.

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Tappie MONSTER..😈

I am a beefcake since forever i think. Struggle is to stop ageing till I train my grandson some basketball & skateboarding before he graduates university. I know my wishes are too much to ask for a single guy whose love life has boatloads of not so meaningful sex stories. Currently my bank account is my boo. Somehow fell in love with myself, I appreciate & adore the way I am. It was a much needed lesson in my life to learn how to respect myself. My biggest pride is “I AM A TRUTHFUL PERSON”. My biggest fear is “SOMEDAY I WILL GET OLD & I CAN’T SEE THAT”. I really want to live 2-300 years, the more the better. My life is an exciting thing, I can’t miss this goodness anyday. Yes I have studied engineering, then MBA & now a PhD research scholar. Even during quarantine time I mastered baking the best sourdough bread & pizza with the same whole wheat dough. Also made some dutch baby pancakes & homemade mozzarella cheese. I love baking, can’t say the same for cooking. Finished designing 4 jackets & 6 colour block pattern joggers. Now thinking about joining a fashion designing school after this corona virus pandemic lockdown is over. Even though I run a health supplement business & an athleisure clothing brand, a course with valid certificate will make my work look more professional. Anyways, I love learning new things which come under my interest. Baking, fitness, data analytics, athleisure & technical wear clothing; these few are my areas I am working since years. That’s the reason of my excitement “work today & experience a better tomorrow” always remains the same.

Such posts which come under this category TAP TALKS, I usually praise people who are valuable to me. Doing the same again. Thanks to ZK, HAPPY TO HAVE YOU. As nasty or sweet it may sound, that 500 deal is still ON. Everyone reading this, STAY HOME & STAY SAFE..

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True me.. Tap-275..

If you think you are not good at making money, I assure you are not good at using/spending it either. Make a pipeline how you are gonna build a stable secure future for yourself looking at your financial resources. Your happiness & stability is your responsibility.

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