Close your eyes to old ends.
Open your heart to new beginnings.

Start your new year with lots of positive vibes & good energy.
Life is fun, let it be.

True me.. Tap-1075..

More than anything I really believe we are put here on this earth to enjoy the time we have.
Life is precious so don’t get hung up or bent out of shape over the small stuff.
Enjoy the present moment and have fun, whatever that means to you.

Enjoy free time with family and friends.
Enjoy a laugh and make some memories.
Enjoy learning & making people feel the goodness of life.
Life is fun, let it be.

(This instagram post got nothing to do with the post above. Shared it because i liked it. I am not too much into shopping. Fast fashion brands & discounts in malls/online stores never excite me to purchase anything. I buy something when i am very specific about what i want. Most clothes/sneakers i wear are usually gifted by friends/brands during my birthday/thanksgiving/christmas or any random Monday. But i am a big sucker for watches. Now a days i prefer a good automatic or chronograph watch, but sometimes i still wear G-Shock watches from my high school/engineering college days.)

Tap OUT..✌️

True me.. Tap-1043..

Get up.
Get a routine.
Get outside when you can.
Get moving.
Get focused on the day in front of you.
(Not the month or year.)

Don’t live inside hypothetical catastrophes.
Focus on what you can control.
(Even if it is your breathing.)
Don’t beat yourself up for not baking banana bread.

(This video got nothing to do with the post above. When something is informative & important to my knowledge, i try my best to share it. Watch it if you have 11 minutes to spare. Recently we are talking about our planet without political agenda, i am happy to see this change.)

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True me.. Tap-420..

I can’t agree “He/she who cries for another person is weak”. It’s sign of a pure heart. Keep reminding yourself people and things both are temporary. Yes it hurts when someone you know becomes someone you knew. We humans are habituated to make impulsive decisions damaging our own sanity. At the end I can say, anything you give or lose always comes back around in another form.

Stay strong & keep walking. Life never stops for anybody.

Tap OUT..🤗