True me.. Tap-218..

You don’t need to believe in Zodiac signs or Horoscope till your life gets involved with another person, name it a RELATIONSHIP/LOVE or even with BUSINESS/WORK SITUATIONS. You can be the strongest ever individual till someone becomes capable enough to explore/exploit you physically/emotionally & fucks your sanity. Zodiac sign pairs matter for a reason.

Just an example; Barack Obama is a Leo & Michelle Obama is Capricorn. That’s a POWER COUPLE, you know who’s the lion & who’s his queen in this relationship. Now towards current US president Donald Trump who’s a Gemini & Melania Trump who’s a Taurus, I will let you decide who’s the DICK & who’s PUSSY in this equation!!?😜

Tap OUT..πŸ‘

Leo TRAITS. No subtle..😜

I shared this because my bestie keeps on pinching me with such screenshots & sights 2-3 examples of me being a dick occasionally. Either ways THANKS. I hope it makes someone aware, smile or laugh.😘

So TRUE.. (Hope so)

I don’t know how true this is. Yes, I am a LEO. In my case, I don’t have anything like EGO. My self-respect is my only possession. You have to respect me as I respect myself. If that gets hammered, I don’t know who you are!!

Best proposal ever!!

I am made to receive & appreciate compliments, aaaaah Leo thing. Nothing exciting about that. But writing this post to value someone’s effort towards a proposal, talking about a buddy from my past who died this year march.

Her exact lines were “Tap, allow me come closer. Let’s buy life together. It took me long time to figure out that I am not just attracted towards you. No cheap flirting this time. I want you to accept me as yours and I will do rest.”

I was an asshole those days who used to decide whom to date looking at boots/boobs. My heart was scorn inside because of own mess. Out of confusion, I laughed at that proposal. She just hugged my arms lightly & told me not to be sorry. I really want to experience that goodness again. People never understand “Love is a amalgamation of attraction, attention, loyality, truth, trust & togetherness”. One thing goes missing, that relationship is meant to fall apart. Once in a day for 10-12 minutes I get a thought like “i want to be in a truthful stable commited relationship”, and I recover from that thought in next 10 minutes.πŸ˜‚

Peace to the sweetest girl I ever came across. You are alive somewhere, I see you.

Sun enters LEO..23/July/2019

A quick energy update after sun enters Leo, take it like a post eclipse reading looking at planetary placements. Readings for all zodiac till August midweek.

1. Earth Signs (Taurus/Virgo/Capricorn):

Focus on your finances. Being an earth element individual, you are too much concerned about future & stability during this season. Understand your needs & demands, take actions accordingly. People who are single and looking for suggestions related to relationship tips; “First get rid of your cheap ass Hugh Hefner player ways. No-one is showing interest in it anymore. Your relationships have written Three is the company all over it, from both sides. You and your partner, both are putting up a cheap show which has gone bitter way back. LOVE needs to flow from both sides, it’s not going in right direction because intentions are not right. So NO real commitment/communication & stop wasting each other’s time. It’s your time for some self examination and re-evaluation.”

2: Fire Signs (Aries/Leo/Sagittarius):

It’s right time for all fire signs to switch to new jobs, new locations, new apartment, new business, new entrepreneurship endeavours, maybe new migration process. You can take risks and it’s gonna give you good outcome. Money looks good till October, plan life accordingly. Now relationship related advice for singles and couples both; “I am not gonna give suggestions with shit skittles and poop gum drops. Yes past was nasty and shitty, get over those memories or get over that person as you prefer. You can’t start something new with a big elephant in the room. An amazing opportunity is on your way to get rid of that Karmic wheel before August 2nd week. Your love life is ascending to a much better harmonious state. To all Leo ladies and Aries men who are juggling two three folks during this time, you are either gonna get caught red handed or off guard. Money maybe involved too. Mark my words, sort your shit quickly.”

3: Water Signs (Cancer/Scorpio/Pisces):

Focus on your coins. You are already connected to the one you want to be with, chances are there to take it to next level. First plan your own life, next approach your counterpart with a genuine offer. You water sign people are all about emotions and romanticism, don’t sideline self-growth. Most of you have an amazing 2019-20 ahead. You don’t need to thank anyone for it. It’s power of your manifestation and calm approach towards life. I don’t think you need extra suggestions related to relationships, your finances are strongly connected to your LOVE life. Work on both.

4: Air Signs (Gemini/Libra/Aquarius):

Stop being in your head for a while. Bark or speak what you want. Doesn’t matter it’s love or workplace. So many of you are awaiting for salary raise or busy with work where there is not much growth. I don’t need to tell you how much happiness is important in life. Take a day off and visit nearby park or forest. Walk barefoot on some green grass for rejuvenation. Life is easy, stop cluttering it too much with unnecessary thoughts and feelings. Advice for singles and couples: “You are already in a happy relationship. Just stay away from love triangles during this time period, if you are paired opposite to any Earth/Fire element person. Be a true you. Done.”

These are no suggestions. These are the energy you will be going through or facing in coming one month. Stay positive and be true, nothing bad will touch you. I hope it helps.

At the end: Happy birthday to all Leo men & women. (Birth date: 23 July – 22 August) Leo is a fixed zodiac under Fire element. You are the kings and queens in real life too. Keep slaying, keep rising up. Respect is manna.

Leo Tarot Predictions July-August 2019..

I usually do 3-4 Card spreads for Zodiac or Monthly collective. This time it’s 8, because I am a LEO as well. So my point is “It’s OK to be SELFISH“.

Leo is a fixed zodiac under fire element.
Birthday 23-July to 22-August.

Let me jump into card reading.

1. Three of swords: You are going through a heartbreak since quite long time. Either it has to do with “Love Triangle” or a work situation which is at a standstill.

2. The Devil: Again “The Devil” represents a toxic situation. It can be overindulgence or addiction related to work/drugs/smoking/drinking issues/relationship. It’s something which isn’t fulfilling you anymore. Anything which is more or less is Toxic. Maybe you are dealing with a Toxic partner in a relationship or a job which is making you overworked for less pay. Suit yourself where you stand.

3. Strength: Strength is a LEO card. You should be happy to be in your own card spread. 😜 It represents finally you have enough strength to tackle/deal with this toxic situation or heartbreak that you was going through.

4. The Magician: Magician is all about manifesting new life, new romantic feelings for someone, new beginnings, new career paths, new situations which may take your current love life to next level. Maybe you are planning something big, something which is gonna bring lots of abundance.

5. The World: “The World” is all about completions. You are either completing a unfavorable relationship or job situation. You are completing a major life cycle/lesson & successfully walking towards a new one. It also represents relocation, travel & switching places, maybe a new city/country or a new apartment.

6. Eight of Cups: Disappointment, Withdrawal or Escaping. As previous cards also mentioned something related to such things. You are walking away from past trauma & bad experiences.

7. Ace of Pentacles: It’s a new financial or career opportunity which will bring immense abundance to your life. It’s a offer from universe for your hard work. In Tarot world, it’s the “Money Rain” card. πŸ‘

8. Ace of Swords: Breakthroughs, Mental Clarity, Success. I am summarising these all in one sentence “YOU WILL BE TOTALLY FINE“. Whatever that happened or you went through; maybe it’s toxic people or work environment, let past be in past. Karma will take care of them. At the end; you are walking towards a abundant life with tons of money & happiness.

I am giving little insights with some astrology & planetary positions. Almost all planets are in retrograde at this moment. Mars in LEO & two full/new moons in july, I can totally sense your intuition is on point. If you don’t trust or feel something fishy, chances are you are completely right. During July-August, I definitely know all Leo are partying or vacationing to their fullest. We all LEO dare to live life like an adventure. I wish you all a “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” in advance. Find your happiness & find it within yourself. Yes, there is no shortage of offers in love & career opportunities for LEO. Pick something/someone for your highest good. Don’t hesitate to cut through the crap which isn’t serving you anymore. Just ask yourself what you want, any direction is safe because of your purity & happiness.

➑️Now Leo men in case you are dealing with any water sign or a new Aries at this point, I can definitely congratulate you for breaking bed this whole summer. I know my brothers are on top of their game. Make the best or most of it how you prefer. Keep that passion & loyality alive. 😜

➑️Leo ladies if you are dealing with any Earth or Air sign men, rest assured that there is a third party situation going on from your side or their side. You better know what to do. Exit it or mend it. Start your chapter with a grounded beginning somewhere you find Happiness which involves TWO, not THREE. Don’t sail two boats at the same time.

One tip/request to anyone in a relationship or looking for one despite who you are: “HAVE THE BALLS/OVARY TO STAY STUCK TO ONE DICK/PUSSY IF YOU CALL IT LOVE.” In case you wanna fuck around, stop fucking around with people who have genuine emotions. Tell them & the world that, you are happy the way you are getting rimmed or rammed. Explore your self worth, people will either value you less-priced or PRICELESS looking at your character.

(I hope, I was able to show you a workable practical path. & Don’t take it seriously if your intuition is strong towards anything/anyone. Guidance is given to those who seek.)