Post 1. Keto Diet Chart for freaks.. Day 3

OK.. OK.. First I was thinking of naming the Subject to “Keto Diet Chart for Dummies”.. But Now, let’s skip that & jump to what we need to do in a short span to get rid of those extra fat.
Thought by me while typing: Clothes worth a million can’t make you look good if you look like a douchebag(look Fat)..
Diet Chart:

During Keto everyone avoids carbs, because that’s what Keto Diet is. I too do the same. As I said in my last post; If you are up with a 10 to 4 job, it becomes really hectic to follow a routine/discipline. The advantage of reading this blog post is, Now you don’t need that(Routine/Discipline).
Just remember you have to complete a four time meal as I am going to mention.

You have to eat veggies & some meat/fish/prawn/egg throughout the day as your breakfast-lunch-dinner-any other mood food. If you can go for a small workout routine or you are a fitness enthusiast, please add 2 scoop of 100% whey protein to your diet (any time).
N.B: Lazy guys can just eat right & chill.
Breakfast can be a omelet of 3eggs + some veggies added. Don’t use onion or any sauces to cook. Just some butter & herbs will do the rest when put in a little high flame. Cooking time will be 8-10minute max. This was my breakfast since last 3days. From tomorrow onwards i will be switching to some mushrooms with cream & cheese.

Lunch should be little high on calories because it is going to last till your evening workout starts(in my case). If you are not planning to go for a workout during Keto, I am just suggesting to start with a mild one like walking a mile or try some sit ups. Because during Keto, body gets to experience a new kind of diet which is being consumed by you. High fat, standard protien & low/zero carbs. Still, you need about 15-20grams of carbs in a day to get going. So, don’t forget some veggies.

Now, do or try a small workout after you are free for 20-30minutes (least). Dinner needs to be as half good as your lunch. So cut everything half what you eat during lunch. Or just go with a whey protein shake (No milk/No dairy), use only water. If it tastes lousy, try add a drop/tablet of Stevia. That’s it, you can’t ask more. Ketosis or Keto Diet is basically the survival mode of your body, you may feel a little drowsy or consumed/weak. But, trust me that’s a matter of one or two days. After that you & your body will be habituated to the routine.
In my case, my working hours are 10am to 4pm. I take my breakfast at 8.30. Then lunch at 12.30-1pm. I return home by 5pm, & I have included a small workout routine for myself as I still desire to look like a good looking average guy. (Yes Funny).

Whatever age group you belong, if you are planning to look good & feel sporty; get rid of those extra kilos. & It’s easy, super easy. A small amount of determination can do wonders.
Next post tomorrow, Tap ON for further gyans related to stay fit.