True me.. Tap-1313..

Being close to me is a privilege.
If I cut you off, clearly that means you lost that privilege.

So don’t lurk.
Don’t check on me.
None of that.
Keep that distance.
Stay on the other side of that fence.


(This video got nothing to do with the post above. Shared it became I liked it. Watch it for some fun.)

Tap OUT..✌️


Be the one who nurtures and builds.
Be the one who has an understanding and a forgiving heart one who looks for the best in people.
Leave people better than you found them.

True me.. Tap-1129..

This is life, and it is what it is.
Shit is gonna happen.
It’s gonna get complicated.
We’re gonna relapse.
We’re gonna need time-outs.
We’re gonna be weak.
We’re gonna be strong.
We’re gonna lose our shit and yell for people to get the fuck out of our lives.
We’re gonna break down and beg some people to stay in our lives.

Some days we’re gonna feel everything all at once.
Other days, we’re gonna feel nothing at all.
We’re gonna be in some bad spaces, we’re gonna be in some amazing ones.
We’re gonna get on our knees crying and hurting and begging for help.
We’re gonna get on our knees and pray just to say thank you.
We’re gonna have moments when we know exactly what we want, and we’re sure.
We’re gonna have moments when we legit have no fucking clue what we want, and we’re confused.
This life shit isn’t a movie, and I think sometimes, we forget that.

Tap OUT..✌️


Be a lionheart.
Be nerdy as fuck.
Be a quick learner.
Be intelligent.
Be courageous.
Stay sexy.
Remain consistent.
But, above all, embrace the shit out of your insanity.


The older I get, the more comfortable I am with letting things go.
Everything doesn’t warrant a reaction, response, or rebuttal.
I am most peaceful when I preserve my energy for things that elevate ease in my life.



Whatever you do, please don’t waste your time comparing yourself to others.

There is enough room for us all to be beautiful, intelligent and successful in our own way.


If you’re working on changing bad habits, unhealthy thought patterns, negative emotions, or toxic behaviors, know that you are healing a part of this world by healing yourself.
Everyone around you will benefit and they will be served by your wholeness.
It’s hard sometimes and I know you want to quit, but this is the work that ultimately changes the world.