The call of the wild trailer..🤗

Why these guys pick such emotional topics!!
I cried twice watching this trailer. When Harrison Ford says “You have been sleeping for two days. In my bed.” That dog “BUCK” definitely packs soul of my dead dog. Pets leave us with some amazing sweet painful memories. I hate it so much that I love it.

Penis facials.. Not kidding..

Trust me, things are really getting weird with time. I knew cum is the best facial you can gift/give to your girl. But, this one is even going one notch deeper & dumber.

Read the entire article here:

What’s wrong with today??

Woke up & i saw the Mission Impossible Fallout trailer was dropped, awesome.

Before an hour, Avengers Infinity war Big GameSpot dropped. 40 superheroes in 30 seconds. I can assure Thanos will be fucked.

Solo: A star wars story official teaser. This one is gonna be a dope chapter again.

Dwayne Johnson (The Rock): this guy looks like a tank as always in this trailer of his upcoming movie SKYSCRAPER. He has mastered the art of making money & making it big. No One is able to reach this far, starting from WWF to WWE, then to Hollywood; this man just sparkles INSPIRATION. His movie is talking something serious this time.

& This one is the holy grail on top of all. Jurassic Park-The fallen Kingdom Trailer; You can wank today talking nothing else than Hollywood.

I am a movie buff. This is an stupid excitement in me which made me type this long not-so-worthy post. Oh, That Saturday i wanted to watch a movie while touching/kissing you in some good bad parts of you. (DJ specific post)