True me.. Tap-452..

If you are going through any sort of pain right now, I guarantee it will fade away. It may take a day, a week or a year but eventually it will be gone & something else will replace that place. But if you are going through something where you disappointed yourself and quitting that thought is haunting you, that pain is yours & only yours FOREVER.

Be real. Stay true to yourself & others. Life is simple & meant to be fun yet funny with all twists and turns you live through. Let it be that way.

Tap OUT..🤗

True me.. Tap-155..

Four things about me you can’t deny that makes me irreplaceable:

1. You know only one person named “TAP”, that’s me.

2. No one cracks better dick or tit jokes than me.

3. You know I am blunt as hell with my words. My TRUTH may either cherish your life or haunt you till you head deathbed.

4. Money is my biggest motivation & sometimes you blame me about being selfish with that. Later you always reach me when you need help financially.

Tap OUT..😜