True me.. Tap-1043..

Get up.
Get a routine.
Get outside when you can.
Get moving.
Get focused on the day in front of you.
(Not the month or year.)

Don’t live inside hypothetical catastrophes.
Focus on what you can control.
(Even if it is your breathing.)
Don’t beat yourself up for not baking banana bread.

(This video got nothing to do with the post above. When something is informative & important to my knowledge, i try my best to share it. Watch it if you have 11 minutes to spare. Recently we are talking about our planet without political agenda, i am happy to see this change.)

Tap OUT..✌️


No matter how you feel!! Get up, dress up, smile, show up. Something better is always waiting for you. Karma will always take care of you even if you don’t want to. Follow Truth, your ass is safe..😜