YOUR DIET is not only what you eat,
it’s what you watch,
what you listen to,
what you read,
& the people you hang around.

Be mindful of the things you are putting into your body emotionally, physically and spiritually.


Your diet is not only what you eat.
It’s what you watch,
what you listen to,
what you read,
the people you hang around.

Be mindful of the things you put into your body emotionally, spiritually, and physically.

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If you feel like you’re torn between who the world is telling you to be and who your heart is telling you to be, go with your heart.
Always go with your heart.
The world may be telling you to go one way with your relationships, your career, your friendships, your home.
The world may be telling you to act a certain way,
be less emotional,
be more emotional,
be louder,
be softer,
to be something else.
Don’t listen.

Quiet down the outside world however you can meditate, take a trip, shut off your phone, open your journal and listen to what your heart is telling you deep inside.
Listen to how it feels about your career, your relationships.
Listen to how it feels about your life.
At the end of the day, you will never go wrong when you follow your heart because, that’s the AUTHENTIC version of you. (Not my words.)

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My primary goal in life is to feel vibrant and alive, inside and out.
Mentally, emotionally, spiritually & physically.
I’ve been unhappy enough to know that I only want joy+peace to surround and flow through me.

– Alex Elle.

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Recovery is a process-no matter what it is you’re overcoming.
No one is better or greater for recovering faster.
It’s not a race.
You need to go at your own pace, even if that is pace is slow.
There will be days when you feel like giving up-don’t.
There will be days when you’re at risk of relapsing-don’t.
So long as you set your own pace and never go backward in your recovery, you’re making tremendous progress, and that’s all that matters.
So be proud of what you’ve accomplished for yourself.

Don’t compare your recovery process to others.
Remember that each of us heals physically, mentally, and emotionally at the pace that’s right for ourselves.
Give yourself the time you need and deserve.

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You deserve happiness.
And I mean real happiness; true happiness.
The kind of happiness that makes your heart fill with warmth.

And you deserve to feel what it feels like to be okay.
To feel like the world isn’t against you.
To feel like you aren’t constantly treading water just to keep from drowning.
More than anything, you deserve to be okay.

And I know it’s hard to hear this, especially when you are so sad or not sorted emotionally.
Especially when you are so far away from loving yourself.
But I still want you to know.
Because one day, you are going to feel okay again.
One day you are going to feel happy again.
It’s just a matter of time.


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Patience and silence are two powerful energies.
Patience makes you mentally strong.
Silence makes you emotionally strong.

Stay patient and trust your journey.

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In a generation of people who want to be heartless, and empty of feelings, then call it SAVAGE, it’ll be hard to be someone who is what a HUMAN should be.
Do not become like the world.

Be loyal,
be truthful,
be consistent,
be emotional,
and be full of feelings.
Be hungry for love,
be thirsty for affection,
and anything else human beings ought to desire.
With time moving up, you will experience people who match your energy, enthusiasm & optimism.

Let others be foolish and cold.
Don’t dim your light to become as dark as they are.

(This Instagram post got nothing to do with the post above. My love for G-Shock watches goes back to A-level/high school days. Not a secret i am a huge sneakerhead, but i love watches too. YES I have some 46 watches right now, 7 are Casio G-shock watches. And when my bestie DEMI sees this at evening, she can guess what to gift me during thanksgiving dinner.)😜

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True me.. Tap-822..

Bad timing doesn’t exist.
The people your heart chooses at what it thinks is the wrong time, are simply just the wrong people.
They are simply just the ones who were meant to get away.
They were simply just the ones who were never meant to stay.
Because at the end of the day, the right people fight for you.
The right people show up.
The right people care,
not only when life is convenient,
but when it is difficult and messy,
and it aches all over.
The right people take the chance, they choose you just as confidently as you choose them.
They hand you their heart.
They bet on you.
They believe in what you share with a ruthless conviction, with a hope that spills out of them.
Have the courage to wait for these people.
Do not settle for half loves.
Do not settle for someone who does not see the value in holding your heart.

The people who walk away from you because the timing is not right, are simply just the people who are not willing to put the right amount of time into you.
Let that be your closure. -By Bianca Sparacino.

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Your diet is not only what you eat.

It’s what you watch, what you listen to, what you read, the people you hang around.

Be mindful of the things you put into your body emotionally, spiritually, and physically.

True me.. Tap-594..

Being independent financially & emotionally is amazing. But nobody talks about why “Spending too much time alone” is not a good thing. Everyone needs some me time once in a while and taking time to yourself can increase your physical and emotional health. But too much time alone can be a bad thing. Even introverts need some level of daily social interaction to ward off feelings of isolation. Being cooped up inside every minute of every day can cause loneliness and depression to creep up.

Call a friend, video chat with the family member or just take a walk. If you can’t remember the last time you went outside or talk to someone you could be harming your mental health. Being selt sufficient is good but being self isolated isn’t a good human trait.

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True me.. Tap-218..

You don’t need to believe in Zodiac signs or Horoscope till your life gets involved with another person, name it a RELATIONSHIP/LOVE or even with BUSINESS/WORK SITUATIONS. You can be the strongest ever individual till someone becomes capable enough to explore/exploit you physically/emotionally & fucks your sanity. Zodiac sign pairs matter for a reason.

Just an example; Barack Obama is a Leo & Michelle Obama is Capricorn. That’s a POWER COUPLE, you know who’s the lion & who’s his queen in this relationship. Now towards current US president Donald Trump who’s a Gemini & Melania Trump who’s a Taurus, I will let you decide who’s the DICK & who’s PUSSY in this equation!!?😜

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True me.. Tap-143..

Doesn’t matter you are in a relationship or not, there is always a journey which is just yours. Your career path, your business goals, your own hobbies; these are all yours which make you a better beautiful you.

Now if your love/relationship isn’t helping you grow towards a better you, then stop lying to yourself. We enter relationships with tons of TRUTH & LOYALITY to become a better version of ourselves. We do it for our own happiness. The other person is there for a push. We do the same for them as well. Emotional availability speaks when words fall short.

Till you discover your worth, your goals & life purpose; you can’t be in a relationship with anyone.

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Granny.. Thank you again!!

I am lucky to have a person like you in my life who works as a mirror to my good/bad/up/low. It’s our TRUTH which never lets us go down. Doesn’t matter i am planning to write an article or I am freelancing, I can just stay sorted about a successful outcome when you are around. We are BEST FRIENDS for a reason. Fuck love and romantic bullshit, I don’t need those when you vibe some positivity on my life. And now:

Two major reasons behind my singlehood:

1. I hate liars. People always run away from accepting/speaking their TRUTH. That makes me afraid of going vulnerable emotionally. I can’t TRUST anyone easily.

2. My bestie granny never accepts “I AM SINGLE”.

True me.. Tap-126..

If it’s not forever, it’s not LOVE. That’s how I see LOVE. And relationships can be hatched without misusing that four letter word. In case you are coming towards me, I will test the hell out of you & make you prove your want/need/desire/love towards me a million times. Then maybe I will call it quits if it’s not making me feel that positive vibe of togetherness. Bad will work, lie will not. Be you.

Friends think I am a tough nut to crack. Actually I am the smoothest emotional wreck. You can touch my core in the tiniest possible moment. Tricky part: I can sense body language & voice modulation changes, bit psychic you can say. One lie & you fuck your chances to be with me. Do everything right or wrong, I will support you & let you own me easily once you follow your Truth.

My LOVE story will rise from TRUST & abundance. I will enter a relationship someday I feel that exact same vibe of a equal me, equal respect I mean.

Tap OUT..😘

True me.. Tap-123..

Some friends think I am a tough nut to crack. Actually I am the smoothest emotional wreck. You can touch my core in few seconds. But one lie & you fuck your chances to be with me. Bad will work, lie will not.

If it’s not forever, it’s not LOVE. That’s how I see relationships. Love is when you surrender yourself completely with a smile to gain more Happiness in your life. Right now, yes I am happily hanging/banging around till I feel someone deserves to be my last person. Can’t TRUST & sell myself to someone easily. If you are approaching me, I will test the hell out of you & make you prove yourself a million times. Maybe I will call it quits, if it’s not making me feel that positive vibe of togetherness. My LOVE story will only spark TRUTH & abundance.

Tap OUT..😘


Yes I believe in God. My only prayer is: BLESS ME TOWARDS GAINING ENOUGH STRENGTH TO BE ME EVERY NEXT DAY, even though I am going through a bad financial/physical/emotional state.

I see me in this message!!

The title should be; Another GREAT FIND!!

Games are something I make & I let others follow. Please try harder to crack my inner core, remember I started from ZERO each time I failed. & I have no fear to start over again anything/everything which will prosper my desires and demands.

True me.. Tap-107..

My tiny life has kicked me enough time to time, two lessons are key take away;

  1. Materialistic happiness matters. They help you stand to the reality named “WORLD” & “SOCIETY”.
  2. Emotional happiness comes from within & emotional unavailability comes from outside/someone else.

Tap OUT..👍

True me.. Tap-89..

Yes I am emotional & I have lot of love to give. But it should be reciprocated equally from a legit space. I know how to distinguish the difference between logic & emotions, you are allowed to FUCK OFF with respect after my words point it’s a dum dum failure.

Tap OUT..😜

True me.. Tap-51..

Gain your sense of emotional independence, don’t put it on somebody else. Remember; you are allowed to be happy & share your happiness, asking the same from others is shattering your own positivity.

The way you feel is completely your responsibility.

True me.. Tap-26..

Don’t try to sell the bullshit of being different to the world. You don’t need to be different to be accepted or appreciated.

Sometimes being generic or being usual is also fun. Usual is not bad. Till the time you don’t have a pull towards someone emotionally, you can’t get hurt. Now where to invest your emotions to get the right yield is your headache. Work on yourself.. 💪


Words must match your behaviour. What you meant is irrelevant. Emotional accountability, more depth, less obsession with image; all these three will drive you towards success & happiness.

Spot & Outsmart a NARCISSIST..

Sometimes you think or feel, the other side would change so that things could go well. & Guess what it would be nice if that happened. But there comes a point when we realize, this person has a past track record so long that any hope or change at this moment would be part of denial what’s really happening. That’s the first trait to recognise a NARCISSIST.

The truth is if we want change to happen, it has to start with us. I am not putting the blame on anyone. The only person you can change is yourself. Insanity does the same expecting change. They will never put that cold silent treatment aside. Realize that it’s in your power to being torment to pattern & understand being happy with or without them.

Recognise the pattern & these specific two things;

1. When you are trying to begging, pleading, crying or apologizing, you know what your motive is. But you have to know that narcissist’s motive too. Your motive is to end that toxic dynamic for peace & stop making them treat as if somebody doesn’t exist. But you are doing everything that a narcissist wants you to do. Their motive is to feed on your drama. There are numbers of reasons they didn’t like what you had to say that you called them out for something, maybe they are bored and things have been too quiet and they need some kind of irritation around. Their only motive is to feed off of your emotion when we make efforts to make peace with them. They are not gonna think like “they want peace, so let’s have peace after all everybody wants that”. But narcissists are allergic to peace, happiness & healthy love. So they run away from that, also they don’t think the other people think. When someone is apologizing to you, “you feel wow now they know i feel bad of something, now I am sorted from this”. But a narcissist never thinks like that, when someone apologizes they think “oh see I am right, look there his/her admission of guilt”. Whatever you say to them will be used against you even an apology. This is their power trip, you are allowing yourself to feel tortured. Their thoughts at this point are “I must be really important, look how much he/she is suffering just because I am not giving them attention, wow it’s been 17 hours & they are just getting worse, they need me like the air they breathe, they are nothing without me, that’s how amazing I am”. This is what they think usually.

If you feel crying will touch their heart, it won’t.
If you think pleading is going to get through, it won’t.
If you think showing yourself to be tortured by what they are doing will somehow touch their empathy, it won’t. You are not dealing with a person that has empathy, that’s why the silent treatment goes so long. It’s a hard pill of truth to swallow when you realize what’s inside them. But you have to realise that.

2. Now the second part of stopping the silent treatment forever. That has to do with us. All of us allow ourselves to feel tortured allowing ourselves to be in anguish begging pleading trying to make peace because we had a wrong thought. We thought we needed this person to show me their approval to love me to know I am likeable & I am a good person. Maybe we aren’t thinking the same actually, but that’s what our actions are showing. We are raised in a environment where we are taught “your value only comes after external validation”. You know nothing else over that, that’s your subconscious programming. We all are carrying it out even without realizing it. Everyone wants their significant other to value & see their worth, to love & cherish them. Everyone should want that. But we don’t need that in order to know we are valuable beautiful & amazing people. It’s too late to know even before you realize the person you are with is treating your emotions as if you are dead. Their view of you is actually your view of you. So basically you are super codependent. You depended on that person’s validation, approval, forgiveness & expressions of love to know you are lovable. Your subconscious programming is pushing you towards only stupidity that this narcissistic mindset wants to feed him/her.

Let’s talk about things to get rid of all negativity that we just discussed. Four words “self love, self worth, self confidence, self value”. If you don’t know where to start, let me help you. Begin feeding your self love. Then when the silent treatment comes, do these few things.

A- Observe, don’t absorb. Next time notice that silent treatment, see how it goes again. That narcissist wants your emotions, your pain & drama. Don’t give them that. Just see it, smile or laugh inside. It’s basically a pattern of their usual life.

B- Respond, don’t react. You don’t have to beg someone to converse with you. You don’t have to plead or force them to. They are allowed to have that toxic behaviour if they choose. But you are allowed to stay healthy & engage yourself in what makes you proud of yourself or empowered. Just reply “Looks like you don’t wanna talk right now, that’s fine, you are allowed to be quiet if you want.” Cut off the supply of emotions.

C- Don’t ask yourself what the narcissist/that toxic person needs. “What they need, what they want, why are they doing or behaving this way, what can I do to stop it.” No. No. No. You are gonna ask only one question “what do I need to stay calm & happy”. Don’t go towards that codependent thinking again. Don’t think you can only be ok if they stop being toxic, that’s a lie. Ask yourself what do you need right now to feel good. Go to gym and sweat it out, eat some nice food, watch a movie, workout at home, read a book, take a bath, practice meditation, go out for a walk, walk your dog, talk to your friends or family on phone. Stop allowing that person to make you happy.

This silent treatment is going to be over in a while. I promise. Don’t wait for that silent treatment to take over you again. Learn to be happy with or without them. A narcissistic mindset is just a result of certain situations they went through. Yes they need help but they need to accept it to get better. A narcissist always knows when, how & where to hide. Actually they are the weakest mindset & with lowest ever self esteem which kicks them to behave so. Don’t fight with them, you work on your self healing. A narcissist changes when the surroundings stop valuing that in them. Start should be you.